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Thread: What's your sickest joke?

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    Sick text jokes

    What's the difference
    between my car and my
    In the case of my car, I'm
    safe in the knowledge
    that someone will provide
    a replacement if it "goes

    Dad used to say, Always
    be yourself. "
    People don't invite me
    to fancy dress parties

    Grandmother was telling
    us tales of growing up in
    wartime London during
    the Blitz. The streetlights
    put out, the ant-aircraft
    Guns starting up, the
    Luftwaffe flying overhead
    dropping bombs.
    " Terrible times-ordinary
    people feared for their
    lives whenever there was
    a blackout, she said
    To which I said, So
    actually quite similar to
    present - day London."

    Considering what most
    women want in bed, I
    just send pictures of my

    Michael Gove missed a
    BBC interview after being
    stuck for 30 minutes in an
    He should have taken
    steps to avoid this.

    A man on a date wonders
    if he'll get lucky
    A woman already knows.

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    Sick text jokes

    What's the difference
    between Boris Johnson
    and the Beastie Boys?
    The Beastie Boys had
    to fight for their right to

    The less you love a
    The faster your hand gets

    What do you get if you
    cross a negro with an
    A shit hot cotton picker.

    I've applied for a job at the
    Citroen Museum.
    I had to send 2CVs

    Im just on my way to a
    gynaecologists birthday
    It'll be a cracking knees up.

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    Smile Sick Text Jokes

    Ordering McDonald's breakfast items at 11.02 is like wanting sex with the wife.

    You can beg and say it's only two minutes but you still won't get it.

    For Sale:
    Framed picture of John Lennon’s wife.
    £100 ono

    M&S rebrands Midget Gems to avoid offending people with dwarfism.

    Yeah, right. Let's ban hopscotch so as not to offend Heather Mills.

    Britain today is like the Bond film Goldeneye.

    They both have a Boris who thinks he is invincible.

    My wife says she likes to eat chocolates after a good meal cos it makes the meal more memorable.

    While I can see her point, I've so far discovered that going off to a brothel after we've had sex doesn't fit into that logic.

    Why is the day that you do laundry, cook, clean, iron, and so on?

    Called a day off?

    Man claims he has lost 1.5 inches from the length of his penis after COVID.

    I must have had Covid three times.

    WHO: Half of Europe will get Covid in the next 6-8 weeks.

    The last time something spread thru Europe this fast, France surrendered.

    God knows how they found the Spy in the House of Commons she was Lay Ling Lo

    The Queen famously had an annus horribilis, but I think Andrew's annus is about to get a lot worse.

    According to a new poll, almost 90% of women claim they wouldn't want to be Kate Middleton.

    Because if there are 3 things women hate.

    It's weddings, being the center of attention, and financial security...

    I saw this unbelievable thing in American politics where now with Biden's "popularity" about to go under 40%, the lead liberal writer in the USA has called for Hillary Clinton's return and suggested a mix and match with her or all sorts of mix-and-matches for the next Democratic nominee, combinations like Hillary Clinton + Dick Cheney, Clinton + Mitt Romney, Kamala Harris + Hillary Clinton, etc.

    When remarked that these combinations of useless people all seemed frivolous and undifferentiated, he replied, "It doesn't matter, they all come with the exact same pull-string on the back that makes them say 'I Love Diversity'."

    The New Male: A-Z Dating Guide...

    Athletic. No tits...

    Beautiful. Pathological liar ...

    Contagious Smile. Takes a lot of pills...

    Dynamic. Depressed...

    Emotionally Secure. On medication / Frequent Psychiatric Visits...

    Free spirit. Junkie / Hippie...Gentle...I will be single forever...

    Honest Eyes. I'll cheat on you and you'll never know....hehehehe...

    I love doing yoga and running with my dog. A really good lay...

    Jovial.Princess Only Child...

    Kindness. Only calls herself a keeper...

    Looking For A Man with ambition. Golddigger...

    Mentions the word "Love" in any way shape or form clingy...

    No Baby Daddy Drama. Baby Daddy Drama (Lookout!)...

    Outgoing. Loud and Embarrassing...

    Passionate. Sloppy drunk...

    Quick-witted .Easy to anger...

    Romantic. Annoying...

    Spontaneous. Will Have Sex Anywhere...

    Talented.Liar...Unconditional....Been cheated on (Paranoid, Clingy)

    Voluptuous.Possibly Fat. Wants. Soul mate Stalker...

    Xany. Lazy and Bored quick...

    Young at Heart. Father Issues...

    Zest. Slept with everyone

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    Sick text jokes

    The Queen celebrates 70
    years on the throne this
    year.... How fucking bad is
    her constipation?
    At least she got rid of one
    huge shit today.

    The media keep moaning
    about Prince Andrew
    fingering a 17 year old.
    When people say "who in
    the right mind would want
    to do that?"
    Erm, all of us.

    Autum 2022, in a court
    room in New York, Sir
    David Attenborough is
    called to the stand to
    provide expert scientific
    advice on the divisive
    question of whether or not
    lizards can sweat.

    What's the difference
    between Prince Andrew
    and my lazy fucking
    My neighbours have still
    got their decorations up.

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    Smile Sick Text Jokes

    "Suddenly the phone rang..."

    Does a phone ever ring not suddenly?

    If Djokovic’s case didn’t end with the Australian judge shouting ‘OUT!’ and sticking their arm out to the side, I think an opportunity has been missed.

    Everton have gone to Lanzarote for some warm weather training. Well you can't beat the Canaries this time of year.

    My Welsh grandfather often said "If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging."

    Lovely man, terrible coalminer.

    I pulled this hot girl at a rock concert and we went back to her place.

    Turns out I misunderstood when she said she had loads of Offspring at home.

    A recent study reveals women prefer a penis that is proportional to body size.

    Another study says, most women define "proportional," as "way bigger."

    ENGLAND CRICKET TEAM: If you're quick, you might just make the same flight as Novak Djokovic.

    Talk is what you suffer through.

    So you can get to the sex.

    Like I was telling you we had this "Sensitivity training" and the lady doing it wanted us to do a "Labour simulator"

    "No need," I laughed, "I already have a nigger for a neighbour."

    I've been thrown out of the Army.

    I was having a smoke out the back of the mess hall with my mate, when the Sergeant Major showed up.

    We both immediately snapped to attention but he said, 'As you were, lads!'

    So I relit my spliff.

    I feel sex is a beautiful thing between two people.

    Between, Six it's fantastic.

    Novak Djokovic deported....serves him right....

    People think that trans women are not real women

    Yet their constant whining, attention-seeking and determination to fucking spoil everything, suggests otherwise

    "I know you're desperate to start a family darling but I don't have any Ovums according to the Doctor."
    "Well, that's that then." I said..."and, by the way, it's Ova."
    "Well fuck you!" She screamed.."I've been shagging your brother on the side anyway."

    The most expensive thing in the world ?

    A woman who is free for the weekend.

    When I die I want my internet search history to be read out at my funeral.

    That way all my friends and family will go from being depressed to disgusted.

    Prince Andrew is in court. The judge says “you dirty cunt, you deserve 8-10 years”.
    Andrew: jackpot!

    My new girlfriend told me I am 'one in a million'. Then she started listing her ex-boyfriends and she is right, I am one in a million

    I was wondering if anyone knows what happens at a wedding if someone actually stands up and objects at "speak now, or forever hold your peace" ?

    I guess we'll find out when my daughter tries to marry that thieving nig nog that's knocked her up this summer.

    The arrogance of Prince Andrew is breathtaking. He's releasing a cover of a Genesis track bragging about his noncing exploits...

    �� I can't sweat
    I can't sing ��
    �� The only thing about me
    Is the kids I rim ��

    David Beckham seen kissing his ten year old daughter on the lips...
    Jealous Andrew?

    Reasons you don't need a gun:

    #1) You can always count on the police to protect you: That's just a fact. Police are proven 100% effective at protecting innocent people!

    #2) There's no evidence to suggest the government would ever overstep and try to take away your rights: A government has literally never done this. Don't be so paranoid!

    #3) Guns make journalists wet their pants: If you live near a journalist and he hears you own a gun, he may wet his pants. You don't want something like that on your conscience.

    #4) Guns are NOT cool and awesome and fun to shoot and useful for protection: Just trust us on this. We're journalists.

    #5) Criminals have guns and use them to do bad things: You don't want to be like a criminal, do you?

    #6) Nobody's going to break into your house when there's plenty of free stuff to loot at Target: Relax. Seriously.

    #7) Your much manlier neighbor already has a gun: You can just borrow his if you really need it!

    #8) Gun handling is best left to the professionals: Like Alec Baldwin.

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    In a strange turn of events
    from Downing Street,
    it surfaces that Boris
    Johnson actually can
    organise a piss up.

    Breaking News : Global
    precious metal markets
    drop by 5% after Queen
    weights in Prince Andrew's

    Why did the rapper buy a

    Me: How do I stop my
    Wordplay addiction?
    Wife: Whatever means
    Me: No it doesn't...

    My ex said she was an
    open book.
    Unfortunately, it was all

    ... and on the eighth day
    God created the orgasm
    so that women can
    moan even when they are

    British TV is getting
    worse. I've just watched
    episode 1 of "The Bay."
    Judging from the cast
    they should rename it

    What’s the difference
    between Bruce Wayne's
    shovel and Oprah?
    One's a Bat Digger and the
    others a fat nigger.

    What’s the difference
    between Optimus
    prime and a dead Thai
    One is a transformer, and
    the other is a former trans.

    Telling my wife to calm
    Works about as well as
    trying to put a cat in a

    My Darling wife told me
    about her last boyfriend
    earlier who died.
    She said I was by his
    bedside when he said
    on a weak voice, "that
    there's something I must
    She said Don't worry about
    it there's nothing you need
    to confess.
    But he insisted, "No I
    must die in peace, I'm so
    sorry but I've had sex with
    your sister on multiple
    occasions and last week
    she informed me that she
    is having my kid"
    "I know" she whispered
    "That's why I poisoned
    yuo, now close your eyes"


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    BBC News - A man from Lancashire has been shot by police in Texas.

    Fuck me, that's one hell of a good shot.

    I bought a lettuce from a greengrocers owned by The Mamas & the Papas but it’s already gone off.
    All the leaves are brown…

    "UK to dangerous for us to visit", says Prince Harry.

    Just keep Lilibet well away from uncle Andrew and you should be ok.

    "UK to dangerous for us to visit", says Prince Harry.
    Well take your nigger family to Colleyville mate, see if you get a warmer welcome.

    Prince Andrew was at the park the other day when a mother sat down beside him. After a while, she leaned over and asked, “Which one is yours?”
    He looked at her and said, “I haven’t decided yet.”

    It's surprising the Taliban have banned all music.

    You'd think they'd be fans of rock's greatest hits.

    My menopausal wife has done nothing but complain since we've moved nextdoor to a brothel.

    It must be the whore moans.

    Last night I watched six junkies having a rave at my local under-pass whilst taking Crystal meth.
    Best episode of 'Dancing on ice' I've ever seen.

    My mate's granddad didn't want his blind date to know he had Parkinson's disease.

    So I suggested he sat there holding a snow globe.

    The difference between UK police and the American FBI

    If Malik Faisal Akram had taken hostages here our police would have spoken
    to him quietly, placated him, spent days talking to him to get him to
    surrender. He would spend months awaiting trial, treated to a comfy bed,
    plenty of food each day, the warmth of a heater, colour tv, laptop, and a mobile
    phone in case he felt the need to talk to someone about his mental health.
    He would have been found guilty and sentenced. He would under our laws then
    appeal at great cost to the British public where the decision would still be
    the same. In all his treatment from arrest to jail would have cost us in excess
    of a million pounds.

    In America, the FBI shot him dead.

    There's a moral here. Hire the FBI to handle our negotiations!

    The biggest joke for me over the last two years was watching politicians try to act like they care.. and then watching people believe it. LOL!

    Novak Djokovic, Boris Johnson and Prince Andrew walk into a bar.

    Novak Djokovic barely makes it past the bouncers before he's kicked out.

    Boris Johnson sits in a corner huddled over a laptop pretending it's a "work event".

    And Prince Andrew leaves at 9pm when he discovers all the under 18s had gone.

    David Attenborough must
    have the largest collection
    of animal porn in the
    Not that I'm jealous

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    Mother Superior giving that talk to the convent school girls.
    “Men only want one thing and it’s disgusting.

    Anonymous voice , from the back of the room, shouts
    “Have you tried washing it ?”

    An information leak from number 10 suggests that Boris thought being the party leader meant he had to be at the head of the conga line.

    Just won the World championship wanking final.

    It was hard work and I had to beat off some stiff opposition

    Why does God only let 5% of women into heaven?

    Because if God let any more in, it would be hell...

    I did so enjoy watching the masters.
    Nothing quite like watching nice young men potting in the brown.


    I've applied for a binman job.
    I should get it.. I've had plenty of experience going into back passages.


    Oh the noncey Duke of York. He had some underage chick.

    He flew her out to Epstein Island and she bounced upon his dick.

    Then Epstein was hanging up. Then the Maxwell chick went down.

    And the duke’s Mummy twigged, so he’ll never get a crown.

    Is anyone still sanitising their shopping load, and leaving parcels untouched for 72 hours I wonder. LOL!

    Elton John was holidaying in Tonga when the tsunani hit and he got swept out to sea.

    Rescuers managed to find him in the ocean, clinging to a buoy.

    Wife: I'm pregnant,
    Husband: that's wonderful I'm going to be a father!
    Wife: I'm pregnant
    Husband: that's wonderful, who's the father?

    Frank Lampard has been found not guilty of dangerous driving.

    Unbelievable. A mobile phone in one hand, a coffee cup in the other. . .all he needed was Christine Bleakley under the dash sucking him off and it'd be a hat-trick.

    20% of men have a secret stash of money they keep from their wife, says a report.

    . . . I keep mine somewhere my wife will never look in my Porn collection...

    Running away from your problems does not count as exercise.

    Because the thick cunts in marketing never thought / had the balls to run the ad when Andrew first got caught out:

    "Woking Pizza Express - so good you'll forget everything else you did that night."

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    Sick text jokes

    Should you always listen
    to your inner voices?

    "Go on" said pride "You
    can do it"
    "Are you sure?" said
    experience "It looks a bit
    "It will be a waste of time"
    said the voice of reason
    "Go on, why not?" said the
    heart "You know you’ve
    always wanted to"
    "What the fuck was that?"
    screamed the anus a
    couple of hours later.

    Random fact: Crotchless
    knickers were invented so
    witches could get a better
    grip on their broomsticks.

    I took my final university
    exam to become a
    politician last week, but
    it was quite hard and I
    couldn't answer a single
    I passed with a

    I must say I feel a
    sense of pride in how
    enthusiastic the inmates
    have been towards my
    attempt to promote
    healthy eating in women's
    But also slightly
    disappointed that they felt
    the need to steal the 200
    cucumbers I donated to
    the cause.

    I took my nan to bingo but
    I got kicked out doing
    a line.

    I just got a text from my
    girlfriend telling to get to
    her house now as she's
    feeling horny.
    I don't think I will though
    because she said to
    "make sure to bring
    protection". Her brother
    must have been released
    from prison and the nasty
    fucker's never liked me.

    Won a holiday to Ceasers
    Palace Las Vegas, all I
    can eat and drink, plus
    five thousand pounds
    for the tables, waited on
    hand and foot by stunning
    women then I hear Adele
    has cancelled her shows.
    I mean, come on now, just
    how lucky can a guy get?

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    Just bought a new frying pan.
    It's guaranteed non stick for 5 years.
    How do I know this?
    There's a sticker on it saying just that....

    Oh the irony!

    Looking forward to seeing the vote for the most popular BBC programme in history, to celebrate the Corporation's 100th birthday

    In which they pretend that the public haven't chosen Only Fools and Horses, written by a white working class man about a white working class family, and instead claim the winner to be anything involving a black transvestite in a wheelchair

    Michael,Caine updates his will on a regular basis just to make sure all his assets are included, with advancing age and many of his old acting compatriots now dead, he has finally decided to retrieve his biggest asset.
    So if anyone knows how to retrieve gold bullion from a coach in the Italian Alps, he would be grateful for any help or he is no longer as spry as he used to be.

    Love may be blind.

    But marriage is a complete eye-opener...

    My youngest son is at the crawling stage.
    Last night he said" your new haircut makes you look much younger, can I borrow £20? "

    ( credit to someone on the radio )

    I forgot to get my girlfriend a Valentines day card last year but I made up for it on Pancake day, I even wrote her a poem.

    'Roses are red and I love you to bits,

    Here, have a pancake, now show us your tits.'

    Mildred, the church gossip, and self-appointed monitor of the church’s morals, kept sticking her nose into other people’s business. Several members did not approve of her extra curricular activities, but feared her enough to maintain their silence. She made a mistake, however, when she accused George, a new member, of being an alcoholic after she saw his old pickup parked in front of the town’s only bar one afternoon. She emphatically told George (and several others) that everyone seeing it there would know what he was doing. George, a man of few words, stared at her for a moment and just turned and walked away. He didn’t explain, defend, or deny. He said nothing. Later that evening, George quietly parked his pickup in front of Mildred’s house… walked home… and left it there all night. You gotta love George.

    Dinosaurs died, and their compressed rotting carcasses became oil. We refine this oil to power and lubricate our vehicles, and run the modern world...... Vegans say they won't use any products made from animals. So if they drive, take the bus/taxi, or use a train, that makes them a bunch of fuckin' hypocrites as well as condescending cunts.

    Paddy's working for the railway and his boss say 2 trains are heading towards each other on the same track wat do u do. Paddy's say oid pull the lever and switch tracks. Boss says the lever jammed n paddy say there an emergency one on the track oid run down and pull it. Boss says that ones jammed as well Paddy's say oid phone my brother. Boss says does ur brother work for the railway. N Paddy's say no Boss but he's never saw a train crash.��

    Maggie - Charismatic
    Major - Boring
    Blair - Charismatic
    Brown - Boring
    Cameron - Charismatic
    May - Boring
    Boris - Charismatic
    ??? - Which boring fucker is next?

    Best day of my life was when I got a Nobel prize for inventing autocorrect.
    I had a lovely phone call from the president, Backache Banana.

    The lads and I were in the living room when my wife got in from work.

    "Speak of the devil," I said as she came in.

    "You lot were talking about me?" she smiled.

    "Yes, baby."

    "What about?"

    "I was just telling them you're the devil," I replied.

    Nice to hear Boris Johnson answering a question about Ukraine today.

    Instead of another one about his UK reign..

    Jonathan Ross was walking out of KFC when he saw a black man heading quickly to the doorway. He said, "Would you like some leeway?"

    The black man replied, "It's Leroy. My fucking name's Leroy."

    - Kiera D'Amato breaks US women's record for fastest Marathon

    It shows the sad state of things when the first thing that comes to mind now for something like this is checking to make sure that "she" is not yet another man or a tranny

    Mixed feelings about Djokovich being given the boot from the Australian Open.

    Undoubtedly one of the best Serbs in modern tennis.

    But you could say it serbed him right.

    Two of the kids my wife and I had are twins and they always really fucking hated that my wife would dress them in matching outfits and such even when they were older.

    I think it's why to this day my son and daughter won't fucking speak to her.

    Just saw the hungarian version of 'only fools and horses'-"A lo, A lo, A lo!"

    I told the secretary at work that "Just one look at your pretty face and I get so rock-hard I feel like I could cum instantly !"

    She sneered at me, "Have a thought for your poor wife !"

    "And that thought just fucking killed it instantly..."

    Being dyslexic, I'll never be a best man now.

    The bride and groom weren't happy when I showed them face visors, gloves and a gas bottle and said I had everything sorting for their welding.

    James Bond likes his Virgina's shaven not hairs

    Robin Hood's Little John Maid Marian (turn) Scarlett Much to the Miller's amusement

    The visit by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to the UK will go ahead after all. Dennis Waterman has agreed to provide security for a monkey a day.

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    Sick text jokes

    Prince Andrew joined the
    local guitar class, then
    quit when he realised
    'A Minor' and 'G-string'
    weren't what he thought
    they were.

    I've only got three albums
    in my collection. Two
    by Meatloaf and one by
    Michael Jackson.
    Two out of three ain't Bad

    Arsenal have a player
    named white and he is

    "Irishman faces 20 years
    in jail for mooning on New
    York flight"
    Bare your arse on a plane
    and spend the next 20
    years baring your arse?
    Poetic justice?
    And no fairytale in New

    Andrew Lloyd Webber
    went on the masked
    Singer. The audience were
    shouting "keep it on!

    I see the Cure recently
    played at an AIDS benefit
    concert. I bet there were a
    few disappointed people
    there after reading the

    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    was involved in a multi-car
    He really should stop
    chasing Sarah Connor.

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    Smile Sick Text Jokes

    It's been 4 weeks since Christmas and I'm still finding glitter under my foreskin.

    I think my wife's having an affair with a lighthouse keeper. Someone keeps ringing the house asking if the coast is clear.

    Nod to Jeff Stelling

    Adele has only been with that black guy for a few months, and already she can't be fucked working.

    About twenty years ago I had the misfortune to have to spend a weekend in Newcastle. Anyway, I had a look around and found myself in the Newcastle United football club shop. They had all the usual stuff and I spotted an empty glass cabinet,

    "Wow, " I said to an assistant, "you're keen up here, fancy selling a replica of your trophy cabinet. "

    16 and Pregnant.
    15 and Fucking.
    14 and Sucking.
    13 and Licking.
    12 and Fingering.
    11 and Touching.
    9 and Kissing.
    8 and Wondering.

    Welcome To Our Fucked Up Generation...

    Prince Andrew once snapped at Meatloaf 'You can't touch me, I'm royal'
    Virginia Giuffre once snapped at Prince Andrew 'You can't touch me, I'm 15'

    I was in a French restaurant doing a crossword when I asked my waiter , " what's another word for witchcraft " ?
    He instantly spilt soup down my shirt and replied, " sorcery "
    I said, " so you should be you clumsy twat "

    My local Chinese have asked the public for a name of a new spicy dish they have made.

    Bat out of Hell has been rejected although it was the most popular vote.

    Do you remember that case where that Welsh Wicca Wizard got caught f*cking a goat on his allotment when he got spied from a passing train?
    You know what that proved?
    That there was at least one English tourist on that choo-choo to call the old bill....

    I do, I do, I do, I do, I do , I do, I do.

    A bride with a stutter's favourite abba song

    In 1978, the Clash addressed urban isolation with their single "(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais".
    In 2023, the 45th anniversary of its release, a new mix will reflect the changing times.
    Title: "(White Man) Just About Anywhere In London."

    ‘Schoolboy loses both nipples after dare to freeze them with two cans of Lynx’

    Who knew that the Lynx Effect was so potent!

    The most successful womens football team of all time is Arsenal. That says all you will ever need to know about womens football.

    I spent too long in the north of England.

    I was starting to think that China in Your Hand was sung by The Pau.

    "Pick a card, any card."

    "This one."

    "Fuck off Leroy, try something other than the race card for a change."

    A South African visits the quack & says - "Help! My cock has fallen orf."

    "No panic" the doc says - "I'll sort you a new one." He looks in his drawer before saying - "Hmm we only have 1 cock left & it's bleck"

    "BLECK? Ok fine, anything" - says the SA guy. The doc pulls out the huge black cock & says - "Here. But before using it, bear in mind it's full of jizz so you'll have to have a wenk."

    "A WENK? No I can't do thet, it's against my religion. You'll have to take it beck." - says the SA chap.
    "It's ok" - the doc says - "It's fake spunk, you could say it fires blenks."

    "BLENKS? In that case I'll take it. How much is it?" he says opening his wallet. "It's ok" - doc says "New cocks are included in your medical plen. Sign here & orf you go."

    The S African bloke gets home and says to the wife - "Darling, I got a new bleck cock.
    Bend over and let me do you up the orse so I can shift its spunk. It's ok though - it's full of blenks."

    The wife looks confused & says - "If it's full of blenks, why do you want to do me up the orse?"

    "Becorz" he says - "I orsked the doc what you'd think & he said women loved these bleck cocks. You can tell by the look on their feces."

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    Smile Sick Text Jokes

    Breaking news....

    The Conservative party have now changed their name to the Conservative work event.


    '...Meghan Markle won't come back to the UK.
    She's frightened she'll have to travel in the Bike Lane.'

    BBC News - John Lennon's eldest son Julian is selling several pieces of music history from his personal collection.

    I had a look, but the good stuff was already gone and now it's much too late for good buys.

    The number of people who are pleased to see Vanessa Feltz on television, is identical to the amount of times I have gone skateboarding on the rings of Saturn

    The annual n.a.t.o. alphabet party took place in NOVEMBER last year in a HOTEL in INDIA. all the guests flew there on DELTA airline. VICTOR ,the YANKEE got there late having got on the wrong flight ending up in QUEBEC. OSCAR, ALPHA nd MIKE from heartbeat turned up wearing their UNIFORM. After going through the airport
    XRAY they arrived in time for the FOXTROT and TANGO competitions which were won by ROMEO and JULIET. the food came from a nearby PAPA john. LIMA ck did a comedy routine but stopped when a waiter named CHARLIE began to KILO ver. Someone shouted where's his wife ZU LU? No she's on the GOLF course. Quick take him out for some SIERRA nd give him some WHISKY. When he recovered shouts of BRAVO ECHOed around


    Alan Carr confirms split from husband Paul Drayton after 13 years together.

    Such a shame, especially as Carr bent over backwards to please him.

    I asked my Muslim mate if he liked Tiktok.

    He replied, "Oh yes, and the boom!"

    See Meatloaf has called it Aday

    Prince Andrew's former maid tells how she ‘was left in tears after “demanding and entitled” royal forced her to run up four flights of stairs to close his curtains.

    I'm assuming shower curtains.

    It's true alcohol kills people.

    But how many are born because of it?

    what's the difference between making rice today then in 1945?

    You didn't need to go nuclear to cook it.

    Paddy was asked by an interviewer if he was Anti Vax?

    He said "Better ask the wife. She bought the vacuum cleaner"

    Andrew Lloyd Webber went on the masked singer. The audience were shouting "keep it on!"

    I drove my daughters guinea-pig to the vets this morning.
    My golf is really improving.

    I've just finished doing my lines in detention.

    The teacher sold me some fucking good gear.

    The wife just gave me the "I'm leaving and taking the kids with me" speech.

    I took it surprisingly well.

    Gave my wife an early VD card today -

    'Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I caught Venereal Disease at Dave's stag-do.'

    I always said I would never molest my pet lions,but eventually I had to swallow my pride.

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    Sick text jokes

    My crazy ex drugged and
    tied me to the bed last
    night, then whipped and
    fucked me to within an
    inch of my life.
    I'm not sure she fully
    understands the term
    restraining order.

    Strange that in the time
    of Operation Yewtree,
    Robbie Williams can sing
    The Kids Are Alright and
    escape a quizzing.

    The price of Oil has
    dropped again.
    The masseuse and porn
    industries are very excited.

    A member of the KKK has
    made his own Star Wars
    I'm not sure how "The
    Empire Strikes Black" got
    authorised though.

    Kids in the backseat make
    And accidents in the back
    seat make kids...

    Why did Australians create
    So ugly people would have
    a chance at having sex.

    I'll never forget the time
    burglars broke into my
    shed and stole the logs I
    had stored for the winter.
    That was my Woodstock.

    I used to work in the deaf
    school for girls.
    I could never get used to
    the fact that they couldn’t
    hear you coming.

    I know it's humid right
    now in Australia but this
    is ridiculous. My Fitbit
    claims I had a 21 minute
    swim yesterday.

    I told my son to "beware
    of Deadly Nightshade"
    "What, dad?.... We're not
    camping, we're in central

    A woman is like a
    suitcase :
    Both are hard to carry and
    a pity to throw away.

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    Sick text jokes

    Peter Dinklage has
    criticised Disney's
    decision to produce a
    live action remake of
    Snow White and the
    Seven Dwarfs saying
    it reinforces negative
    stereotypes about little
    What a little fucking
    hypocrite. I've criticised
    all 37 of the disgraceful
    porn versions I've watched
    online and not once have
    I heard him say anything
    about them.

    Peter Dinklage has
    slammed the remake
    of Snow White and
    Seven Dwarfs, calling it
    I guess he'll be playing
    Grumpy then.

    Radio 5 this
    morning... debate on
    One dwarf... "We're a tiny

    Breaking news : Disney to
    rename new film as "Snow
    Anycolour and the seven
    average sized people" to
    keep the PC fruit loops on

    Disney have responded
    to Peter Dinklage and
    named a dwarf star in his
    honour... Peter Twinklage.
    He is a little angry.

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