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Thread: Manfeild Trackday, 2 March 2008

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    Ill be there
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    This team will be in attendance to allow our new rider to try the bike out ready to blitz the field for next winter series. Yahoooo, Go Nicksta.

    Hell i may even get the cow skins on for a laugh.


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    17th April 2004 - 20:45
    An old slow red one!!
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    What bike / colour / number was that?

    What a great day - the Mothers MCC Track day was cut a wee bit short (due to torrential rain and the resulting 'moving chicanes' out on the track) the day before and the weather report was pretty bad for Sunday, but we took a potshot and holed up in Palmerston Nth for the night. Glad we did, as low and behold it dawned bright cool and clear and we managed to get the bike to the track by 7.30am.

    Not as many attendees as the last one (prolly due to the weather forecast mentioned above), but those that did attend looked like they had a pretty good time as usual.

    Good track time, checking out new settings etc on (the man's) race bike and getting some long overdue timings as well.

    Fantastic being on the side lines for this one - practising camera settings and panning shots at the same time as watching newer / less confident riders wobbling around the track in the first rounds and progressing to more confident, smoother and faster riders within a couple of outings.

    Great day CDMTC - thanks once again... the only thing that would have made it better for me was if I could have been out there on the track as well

    Next time.

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