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Thread: Rev-It gear 100% waterproof - my arse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by discotex View Post
    Crashed in my Rev'IT gloves. Knuckles ground off and I didn't even know my hands had hit the ground. I'll probably buy another set.
    Ditto. And so I did buy another pair of Revit winter gloves.

    I was in Turangi to see the riders coming back from this year's Grand Challenge. They rode through about 21 hours of constant rain. The best performing rain-gear I saw was the guy on a Dyna who got off his bike, stripped off the two-piece Harley-Davidson branded rain suit, and was bone-dry underneath. It had bright orange high-vis panels, and an enormous orange HD logo on the back, making it anathema to the cognoscenti of cool here on KB. But it obviously worked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davebullet View Post
    With a one piece, just pee in it. If it is raining, no one knows anyway.
    Yellow rain drops on the windscreen behind you is a dead give away!
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