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Thread: SHARP helmet ratings released

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    Quote Originally Posted by liljegren View Post
    So some geek in a shed somewhere decides to 'test' helmets for the World in a way devised by himself. Who checks the results? Is there any corroborating evidence gathered from actual accidents, proving or disproving the said results of these 'tests'?
    Buy the best helmet you can afford which fits, that is, the more you spend, the better. I dont intend to test my helmet, but fuck lying in hospital with head injuries thinking 'maybe I should have spent more!'

    "Because the world doesn’t operate at one speed, SHARP doesn’t either. Each crash is unique with its own unique set of variables, so we test at a much wider range of impact speeds than standard regulations.

    What’s more, SHARP analyses national and international crash studies – helping us to select the test points that are most representative of ‘real world’ crashes.

    For every helmet model, we run 32 tests on seven helmets across a range of sizes – assessing how well each helmet could protect the brain in the event of a crash. To ensure the validity of our assessment, we only test helmets that we ourselves have purchased from retail outlets. It is important that the helmets we test are the same as those you would buy yourself.

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    This dudes designed a new off road helmet and Bell have copied it. The old Snell is too rigid and unrealistic argument.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Usarka View Post
    This dudes designed a new off road helmet and Bell have copied it. The old Snell is too rigid and unrealistic argument.
    One post last year, two posts this year, you're making a habit of this
    Hows life on planet arse biscuit?

    On topic....helmet helmet I love helmets.

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    Having read what the Snell, ECE and DOT test all consist of, I think the SHARP test procedure seems to be pretty thorough ish - as good a test method as can be widely adopted, anyhow.
    Due to variances in tests one helmet may prove amazingly well in one standard and slightly less so in another. How you interpret this information is up to you.
    There is a TREND (and it is only a trend) that the more you spend the better you will fare in a crash, but there are some expensive donkeys out there.

    I personally went for a helmet that was ECE rated, SHARP 5 star rated (although 4 star would have been more than adequate for my use), was fluro yellow/green (- it helps if cagers see you in the first place and then the accident won't happen). Was about $300 - the HJC IS17.
    But picking a helmet that fits you best is more beneficial than an extra star rating.

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    Really good info, thanks!

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