Kiwi Biker Advertising

Horizontal or vertical advertising banners can be placed anywhere on the site. Below are just some examples. Contact me if you have other ideas.

Search Page:
Horizontal or vertical banners are placed on all search pages. This includes new posts, post searches, find posts by user, etc.

Horizontal banner is placed under navbar on homepage on Kiwi Biker

Horizontal or vertical banners placed on a forum/s of your choice. These will appear on every page/thread in the forum.

First post:
Horizontal banner below first post on every thread page of specified forum.

Private Message:
Horizontal banner under every Private Message. The private message system is used extensively for members to have private conversations.

Forums Home:
Horizontal or vertical banners placed on the forums home page. One of the most viewed pages on the site.

Horizontal or vertical banners placed on the many pages members use to update their profile.

Homepage news:
We can also place your post on the top on the homepage news items. Max two weeks.

Thou we are not limited to the options above. With a bit of work we can place a banner ad anywhere on the site. Other well visited pages are Social Groups and Member Blogs. Just let us know what you need.

email me for full details and costs.