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Thread: My craptastical GN250 tyres (aka omg lots of tyre questions)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BANZAI View Post
    28 32 is the way to go! It does make huge difference

    Blings awarded.
    Interesting, I've been running 24/28 I might try 28/32 next time I go out
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    Keep in mind that most tyre manufacturers will have recommended pressures for a specific tyre. i.e. a lot of new sports tyres can roll with high pressure as the tread dictates the temperature rather than the pressure and flex. It alos depends on gross weight, so more pressure for a heavier load is okay.

    Also, when you adjust the pressure and are trying to decide if its right or wrong, try to use your own tyre pressure gauge and carry it with you so that when you increase/decrease you're using the same scale. Some garage air pumps are +- 1 or 2 psi.
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