Ignitech Problem

I have a problem with my ignitech and a question about ignitech
First the problem, I have a DC-CDI-P2 set up on my 2-stroke parallel twin 180 Degree crankshaft with two pick ups set up(180 degrees apart) on the end of the crankshaft picking up off a single lobe on the flywheel and a single coil for each cylinder. The wiring is as the ignitech manualís wiring diagram shows how to do it.
I have a ignitech in my Bucket and am very happy with it which is why I want to use one on my classic Suzuki. So I have done as stated above and started it and it ran well so I stopped it. Later when I went to start it again it didnít start and didnít sound like it was sparking so I hooked up the Laptop to use the test function and noticed as I was going through the tabs the base advance was set on 10 degrees instead of the 26 degrees BTDC that I had set up the pickups to. I reset the base advance to 26 degrees and then I started the bike and it ran well so I took it for a ride after turning it off and then trying to start it again , wouldnít start and sounded like just like it did the first time it wouldnít start. So I hooked it up to the laptop again thinking the base advance had changed again but it had not. So I tried kicking starting the bike while still hooked up to the laptop and thatís when I noticed that MAX advance 1 and MAX advance 2 where showing incredibly high advance like 60 degrees on one and 120 degrees on the other. Everything Iíve tried I havenít been able to change it.
So does anybody have any ideas what is going on?
Second the question has anybody here had communications with Ignitech in relation to problems with their units. Does anybody think its worth asking Ignitech about this.
They are very easy to deal with when you are buying stuff off them. But are they interested in supporting their product or are I wasting my time.