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Thread: ESE's works engine tuner

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    18th April 2017 - 23:08
    Quote Originally Posted by Frits Overmars View Post
    Muhr, setting the correct clearance on a set of such gears is a nightmare. You should definitely google Cylkro Kronenräder. It offers a much better solution. If I had encountered it earlier, I would undoubtedly have recommended it for the Aprilia RSA.
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    Thanks Fritz as always good tips. Have never heard of this before. I sent an email, we'll see what they answer, if they have something that would fit. I have done a bit of research on small teeth and understood that it is a bit tricky to succeed.

    Quote Originally Posted by philou View Post
    The engineers blue marking is very good for locating the surfaces of the gear teeth and adjust the correct clearance

    Old school style

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    Thanks philou yes i think gear compound is a must
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    Still cant stop getting annoyed when 8 of 10 clever dick ideas turn out to be flops.
    Today , of all days at 30* C you would think cooling the transfer duct outer walls would be worth a bunch of power - but no.
    Complete waste of time , so I tested and retested, doing all gear runs , as well as 6th gear WOT pulls - no power to be had.
    A huge dissapointment.
    I tested as well the expensive 3mm longer race plug , with the body machined back to put the gap close to the chamber center , again , no power at all.
    Maybe the the new shallower chamber with the semi flat top piston makes the idea redundant.
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    The amount of times I tested things that should work, like taking the kink out of an inlet manifold for a straight shot for example and found the dyno doesn't care, or rather the engine back to back swap, decides that this engine is not impressed. Another may be, but this one is not giving up its knickers (probably until you change something else).
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