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  • husaberg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:38
    husaberg replied to a thread #6 in Buckets personally i would copy a 1960s honda RC 250/4 for the megga desgn but the problem is they make...
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  • speedpro's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:51
    speedpro replied to a thread #6 in Buckets
    Surprising amount of work to get this engine back together with lots of adjustments being made to get most things fitted back together properly. The...
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  • FJRider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:26
    My FIRST thoughts on the subject exactly ... Judith Collins for PM ... ??????????? COULD it happen ... ??
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  • ceci's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:47
    ceci replied to a thread ESE's works engine tuner in Buckets
    Important detail, the injector is delaying to facilitate the creation of the spray, if it is more advanced it will facilitate the transport delaying...
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  • husaberg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:55
    husaberg replied to a thread The Bucket Foundry in Buckets
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  • pete376403's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:44
    Seems a sure way for a government to loose an election.
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  • biggo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:40
    biggo replied to a thread Manawatu: Tag o rama! in Meetings and Events
    Maybe an extra clue needed ? ...
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  • ceci's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:15
    ceci replied to a thread the clean two-stroke thread in Buckets ...
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  • iYRe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:12
    iYRe replied to a thread MotoGP 2021 in Racing
    yeah MM was top before everyone started doing their time attacks
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  • onearmedbandit's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:55
    onearmedbandit replied to a thread MotoGP 2021 in Racing
    This will be a real test for him. 10 left hand corners, 3 right hand so that suits him well for his injury, he loves anti clockwise tracks (26 of his...
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  • BMWST?'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:26
    BMWST? replied to a thread MotoGP 2021 in Racing
    And MM and the other HOndas were 123 at one point.MM wasnt chasing a time it seems.
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  • husaberg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:56
    husaberg replied to a thread ESE's works engine tuner in Buckets here are the cases
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  • Piper's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:32
    Following loads of kilt wearing Scotland fans travelling down to Kings Cross, LNER have had to bring in extra cleaners to remove all the skid...
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  • TZ350's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:25
    TZ350 replied to a thread ESE's works engine tuner in Buckets
    The article describes it as direct injection. But it is a mystery where the injectors are. More info would be interesting.
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  • roogazza's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:24
    roogazza replied to a thread MotoGP 2021 in Racing
    Sachenring , like this GP . lots of turning left and odd cambers,should suit the Yams ? Tho Vale slipped off in FP2 leaving him on his second...
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  • SamboNZ's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:13
    Thought you guys might be interested in this 'great idea' by the Ministry of Transport in a proposal about to be delivered to the government. ...
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  • husaberg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:13
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  • Pursang's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:30
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  • husaberg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:26
    husaberg replied to a thread Trump in Rant or Rave
    Trump supporters that ignore all clear evidence no matter how overwhelming yet cling to anything no matter how obscure that can help support their...
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  • steveyb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:29
    steveyb replied to a thread ad - Bike Yamaha TDM850 in Online Trading
    Yes, the TRX850. Interesting that Yamaha did not make a TRX900 with updated suspension and fairings and stuff, when they launched the TDM900.
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  • Blackbird's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:14
    Hahaha! Already got it with the AA :laugh: . It's so simple under the bonnet that there's a fair chance of fixing it by the roadside if anything...
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  • HenryDorsetCase's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:10
    and you know you'll be needing the vehicle recovery.....
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  • lodgernz's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:11
    lodgernz replied to a thread ESE's works engine tuner in Buckets
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  • pritch's Avatar
    Yesterday, 13:00
    pritch replied to a thread Trump in Rant or Rave
    Bloomberg is reporting that lawyers employed in the Trump administration are having trouble finding a new job. Nobody wants a former Trumper on...
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  • sugilite's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:12
    sugilite replied to a thread Trump in Rant or Rave
    I have already made it perfectly clear that I accept husa's well researched tsunami of stats over your wee bbc anomaly. I cut Fauci some...
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  • husaberg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:00
    husaberg replied to a thread Trump in Rant or Rave
    Yet with Bengazi there was never any incitement by an US high-ranking politician for people to enter and kill the US govt officials and security. ...
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