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Today 19:59
 ESE's works engine tuner
Hi Wobbly thanks for the reply and the info . I slotted the insert cover and machined clearance around the insert so ended up cooling the whole insert . So may coat the combustion chamber as you have... (6,411,439 views, 33,354 replies)
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Today 19:42
 Where were we???
I only stop there when my bike doesn't have enough range :lol: There was actually a KB Gathering in the town one year, still don't recognise... (113 views, 10 replies)
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Today 19:35
 Catch up thread 2019.
Crikey you two, thought I might just drop into the old homestead down by the Lakes, but thats a bit different, Ratbag an I might have to plan a week long jobbie to get that far South. Great to hear... (235 views, 5 replies)
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Today 18:28
 What mid sized Adventure bike should I buy
I had no idea of much of a torque snob I was, until I rode a mates 390 Duke. What do you mean I have to drop two gears to get some acceleration? Up and down the gearbox through rolling country as we... (2,846 views, 38 replies)
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Today 17:39
 Q: Bevelhead Ducati. How to free-up a binding clutch?
Did you boil them to expand them pretty sure they used to do that also after they were fitted? Although that might have been as they used to use the ones from the Vino I remember watching the old... (1,019 views, 22 replies)
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Today 13:17
 Stupid World
Ah Boris, you are such a joker. Always willing to crack a joke or two, even on the sidelines of a conference trying to establish an arms embargo and to halt fighting: ... (647,305 views, 11,089 replies)
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Today 11:47
 Optimistic sellers
Yikes if those "Highway" pegs were professionally made, I'd hate to see what the amateur ones might look like :laugh: (1,111,171 views, 13,006 replies)
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KB Admin
Today 11:30
 POTW Winner, week 03/2020: Madness
Congratulations to Madness Winner of Picture Of The Week FBD975D6 5BD8 401A 832F 8A2122789715 Submit pictures to POTW from full image view of any picture in one of your public albums. (26 views, 0 replies)
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Today 11:02
 2020 Cliffhanger 6.1Km Sealed Road Hillclimb.
Darn I will still be finding my feet on the bike again by that stage. Will have to be 2021 for me. On a side note where would one find insurance for that event as I assume it would be treated... (110 views, 2 replies)
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F5 Dave
Today 07:02
 Pete's TF125 build
Well shakedown run. A year after it was finished just needing nylon etc to be track ready. End of the day the bike still runs, so that's a win. The biggest issue was he found it super... (12,916 views, 112 replies)
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Today 06:22
 Tiger 100
Rode the Tiger 100 around on Saturday, will be good when the jet kit arrives from Amal as runs lumpy around town with its richness. Other bikes are starting to get jealous. Stripped down the... (1,090 views, 33 replies)
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Today 05:51
 What's your sickest joke?
A poem for Meghan: Meghan Sussex is a cow Look at what she's up to now Evil witch has got her way Bolting off for USA Harry's really pussy whipped Round (204,784 views, 1,707 replies)
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Today 05:17
 2-stroke excel for ports, heads and pipes
JanBros, did you forget to pay the server bill??? Or is it maybe just my Win7 running firefox browser thats not up to the task... Have noticed the program for some time ago, but was gonna give it a... (1,852 views, 19 replies)
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Yesterday 23:55
 12,000 KM a year commute - Will a 150 handle it for 3+ years
I never found the riding in the rain or wind to be to bad. Though on the bad days it was always a mission to find the safe bike parks. The only sheltered one that was close to me is the one opposite... (334 views, 11 replies)