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Today 11:52
 Horse face rules.
I pointed this out on a US based forum - with the comment that at least the US would get a better educated voter base out of it. Took a while for that jab to be fully understood. (1,760 views, 66 replies)
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Today 10:47
 MotoGP 2021
The final round of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2021 was held at Aragon last weekend. The weather was excellent, which was nice for the final round, to say goodbye to everyone and the MotoGP paddock.... (31,375 views, 709 replies)
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Today 10:21
The Kochs were prominent, and there are other names that keep surfacing. Then there are the organisations representing interest groups: the NRA, the Jewish lobby, big pharma, and the insurance... (107,701 views, 3,334 replies)
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Racing Dave
Today 09:36
 Jatz's travels
My brother lives in Beaudesert (Qld) and there's a blue tree on the outskirts there. Very poignant. (99,696 views, 566 replies)
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Yesterday 23:57
 The GN is no more
Always reach around Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk (671 views, 30 replies)
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Yesterday 22:14
 The firearm thread
Right you are although its only there 5–4 and there is another proposed amendment. (1,104,606 views, 9,744 replies)
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Yesterday 21:56
 Optimistic sellers
Not so many years ago I was lusting after one of those rather badly. The local Honda dealer said if I got serious he'd check it out for me. I went and had a preliminary look at it and it was rough.... (1,572,516 views, 14,161 replies)
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Yesterday 21:31
 Michelin Road 5 end of life review
Thanks for that. 7,000 km from a sports tyre on a Busa is impressive, but as has been said, the lines are becoming quite blurred between sports and sport-touring tyres. I have heard great reports... (402 views, 14 replies)
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Yesterday 19:05
 Associations - a picture game (9,240,876 views, 69,815 replies)
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Yesterday 18:50
 Canterbury Trail Rides?
Amberley, Oct 10th, probably done more laps of that one than any other, first was about 20 years ago on the same IT200 (107,826 views, 749 replies)
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Yesterday 18:49
 Kickaha is a bad c _ _ _
No doubt boner is about finished with his current course of meds so he's about due to be back on here frothing away like a crab in a bucket. (973 views, 22 replies)
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Yesterday 16:37
 Read a good book lately?
Yeah I’ve watched most of his stuff. Did love that he threw political correctness out the door with the Hultgreen tragedy, he didn’t mince any words on women flying jets in there. (63,110 views, 1,064 replies)