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Today 02:29
 Cornering question
I do hope that the OP found something useful in the replies. Speed advisory signs should only ever be taken as a guide. They do not always relate to what is a safe speed for the corner, but can... (1,094 views, 74 replies)
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Yesterday 23:41
 Canterbury Weekend Rides
If weather is good on Saturday 28-1-17 might go for a ride to Kaiteriteri. 846km return trip. Should be a good day ride. Will be leaving early. (31,124 views, 309 replies)
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Yesterday 23:29
 Bmw f650gs dakar 2005 for sale
LAMS APPROVE Standard features include fuel injection, twin-spark ignition, ABS, heated grips, comfortable seat,Very economical 3-4l/100km. also got: - Scottoiler. - top box. - original... (28 views, 0 replies)
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Yesterday 22:39
 The Movie Review Thread
You take that back. You take that back about my fucking cunt kids! (111,295 views, 2,110 replies)
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Yesterday 22:28
 on tard me.....
Part & parcel of the game unfortunately Though keeping an eye on particular auctions is a good way to gauge the realistic market value of some items etc. My last purchase I made one inquiry via the... (293 views, 16 replies)
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Yesterday 21:51
 Ecotrons Engine Management
LOL Err second one blurb (24,577 views, 196 replies)
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Yesterday 21:38
 Bucket bits wanted & services needed
Eeermmm, I don't think you will get it through scrutineering! (199,855 views, 1,870 replies)
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Yesterday 21:16
 More detail on the new Africa Twin
When the mortage payments are about the same as renting, how long it takes to pay it off id immaterial to me, just be nice to have my own place. Yes an Africa Twin will enrich my life.... however... (24,143 views, 309 replies)
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Yesterday 20:40
 ESE's works engine tuner
I'm very uncertain about the transmission loss numbers. The variator/belt/clutch will burn you after a run tho. I am also trying to draw attention from scooter kids... :laugh: (3,563,570 views, 24,675 replies)
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Yesterday 20:09
 Kapiti/Horowhenua Tagomania
New tag 24c5f52c958c.jpg Sent from my V3 Plus using Tapatalk (363,936 views, 6,874 replies)
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Yesterday 19:50
 Tt2000 2017
I have set up a android database for those that wish to have the data on their phone, you can't send the data to TTHQ like you can with my iPhone app, and it is a bit more complicated to set up... (5,416 views, 102 replies)
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Yesterday 19:42
 Molesworth/Rainbow Roads
Bugger - I just found this; Road Closed 18 January 2017 The road is currently closed due to heavy rainfall and flooding. This site will be updated when the road is open again for use. (2,772 views, 49 replies)
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Yesterday 19:39
 Nelson Rideouts - Where next?
Wheres beebys knob? Who cares I'm in. (422,046 views, 7,704 replies)
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Yesterday 19:32
 1988 Honda GB400
WHANGAREI -but happy to meet 1/2 way if interested = wife loves the bike (so do I) (559 views, 12 replies)
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Yesterday 19:23
 Importing bike from USA?
I'll give them a call tomorrow. Thanks. (724 views, 33 replies)
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v twin
Yesterday 18:45
 The DR650 thread
Well I had the bike for a week and all was well, got my friends to come get the bike and had it ready on the lawn waiting for them. Had a few beers etc feeling happy I had done a good deed until we... (284,117 views, 3,128 replies)
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Yesterday 18:21
 I'm looking for Christchurch Adv rides
Actually don't specifically remember the bottom of that one, I do remember the top though as I usually decend it. It could be the Robinsons Bay track that is tricky from the bottom although you'll... (210,752 views, 2,907 replies)
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Yesterday 17:24
 Looking for a mechanic??
Now come on you coffee killer, whor ya talking about now????????????? aye, aye, can't be ol Katman he's a right obknoxious type, who one late Saturday afternoon as I was motorcycling ( a bit... (842 views, 26 replies)
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Yesterday 17:08
 MV 800 RR Ballistic Trident - So Ugly It comes With a Face Covering Paper Bag
Turned up recently on Pipeburn or similar. I agree it is pointless and a bloody awful front end. Be OK without that. (140 views, 7 replies)
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Yesterday 12:22
 What are you listening to at the moment? (223,649 views, 5,745 replies)