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Today 12:34
 Daytime running lamps?
My Valkyrie is also a UK model with light switches, I was questioned about the lights being on at low beam but I said they are fog lamps set below dip beam so can run with or without headlights (will... (18,652 views, 205 replies)
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Today 12:20
 Help, I need advice with hauling, please
I bought a second hand jet ski trailer and modified it to carry a bike. It is very low, making loading easy and has a long drawbar making reversing it easier, too. (37 views, 4 replies)
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Mental Trousers
Today 11:12
 Why are so many race bikes non compliant with the numbers rule?
Would have to be Glutin free, Sugar free, Glyphosate free, Vegetarian, Organic Kale coated Cauliflower. (2,120 views, 79 replies)
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Today 10:35
 Tyre choice for adventure riding? (Mixing road and off-road)
that's pretty good mileage from the shinko's. I'm putting some of my rear mileage down to the chip seal they use on the west-coast, you can practically watch tires melting away, depending on... (445,476 views, 3,454 replies)
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Today 09:52
 MotoGP 2018
Yes, I suspect that everyone will be on their best behaviour for the next round or two. A bit like after the Rossi v Biaggi pre-podium "tussle" in 2001. Everyone was a happy little vegemite for the... (74,385 views, 1,503 replies)
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Today 07:25
 Free speech.
Oh that's rich, coming from you. :killingme (4,804 views, 257 replies)
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Today 07:07
 A Revival Mission...
Yes, the bearing webs have provision for inter-cylinder breathing. At the 89 WSB round at Manfield, I'd also built a ZX7 engine for Rob Lewis. Once the F3 bike was seen by the Doyles running TKA and... (1,428 views, 52 replies)
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Today 06:58
 What's your sickest joke?
Sufflok police comfirmed that a man who fell into a combine-harvester...while trying to steal it....has been bailed!! I got home from work and my wife was stark naked with her (157,001 views, 1,502 replies)
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Today 06:43
 Tt2000 2019
If you train your headlight onto a feature of the checkpoint that is easily recognizable ... they allow it. The photo is just to prove you were there. Take a photo that proves you were there (with... (1,070 views, 48 replies)
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Today 05:36
 Tag o rama!
Foxton.:yes: (288,528 views, 4,025 replies)
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Yesterday 23:04
 ESE's works engine tuner
Last two ( the text is cut off on the edge as thats How the Cycle World have scanned their mags) 338596338595 If you look at the OW60 i posted a month or two ago they are really just bigger 500 GP... (5,184,513 views, 30,421 replies)
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F5 Dave
Yesterday 21:55
 New Biker Needs Help
Sometimes they are vibration sensitive. Put your sidestand down, stand over the sensor area and make rythmic movement. Gangam style usually works. (3,994 views, 210 replies)
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Yesterday 21:11
 Ronnie Moore 8.3.33 - 18.8.18
He always had a dream to see another kiwi holding the world cup... In the late 80s he did get 2 of his young riders, Mark Lyndon & Mark Thorpe into the British league but they were unable to... (149 views, 3 replies)
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Yesterday 20:46
 Adventure pushies
:cool: The CX got retired a couple of years ago. It would only JUST take 33mm tyres and I'd like to stick some 40mm ones on it and disc brakes would be nice. The frame geometry was spot on for me... (94,976 views, 1,135 replies)
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F5 Dave
Yesterday 20:42
 The Lotto win ride
Yeah? Well it wouldn't change me. (333 views, 14 replies)
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Yesterday 20:24
 Tales from the Emporium
The swingarm, forks and front wheel are on it already. Only needs engine mounts, swingarm mounts, rear suspension... Well, it's a frame, engine, forks and swingarm really. Most of those bits are... (248,032 views, 2,886 replies)
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Yesterday 18:02
 Stupid World
It's been an interesting fortnight watching some of the happenings outside of the US. In particular, Turkey and Greece, whose history seems to have been forever intertwined. 1. Turkey ... (485,635 views, 9,977 replies)
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Yesterday 17:56
 Kids Road Riding Gear
Cheers but just looking for textile gear for pillion. (44 views, 2 replies)
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Yesterday 17:18
 Stolen scooter rewiring
If you found a workshop manual online I'd like a copy - my workmate still owns the scooter and I promised to do some work on it so she could sell it. (100 views, 6 replies)
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Navy Boy
Yesterday 14:41
 New to Blenheim and looking for a bike mechanic
Try Z Bikes - I think he's based in Renwick area if memory serves. (141 views, 1 replies)