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Yesterday 20:09
 Associations - a picture game QkB5F5YkEX7OIU9wPiyP 4L6KvW22UaX2NHg&usqp =CAU (8,404,527 views, 69,151 replies)
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Yesterday 18:37
 What's your sickest joke?
This new President is less MAGA and more SAGA. At the US Presidential Inauguration : Good of Garth Brooks to break away from his KFC family bucket to show the (259,207 views, 1,920 replies)
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F5 Dave
Yesterday 15:29
 Electrics cut out completely while riding - likely causes?
Next idea was to measure the difference in voltage from the starter motor to the battery. I didn't suggest that as it's harder to get to. So one lead on battery + and one on starter input. Push... (726 views, 26 replies)