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  1. Waikato/Bay of Plenty/Gisborne - 25-28th April 2013

    So Nerrrd and I decided we would take a wee tour through Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Gisborne a few weeks ago starting on Thursday morning (Anzac Day) in Auckland and returning (to Auckland) on the Sunday late afternoon so, 4 days, 3 nights. The plan was to do some camping (which is kind of new for us both). I won't lie but we didn't really think the whole thing through as well as we could have/should have!

    This was the route planned originally:

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  2. MotoTT Taupo Trackday - Saturday 13th April 2013 - Newbie Trackday Footage on GN250

    I went to Taupo on the weekend just been for a track day here is sessions 1. Unfortunately the blog won't let me embed any more video's so here are the rest: . It's just a bit of fun really and I'm not particularly good at following lines, downshifting (when going that fast!), and generally just riding a motorbike in general lol. I fitted the Go Pro to the side reflector on my bike which seemed to be a really good location. It picked up the ...
  3. The Touring GN250

    So nerrrd inspired me to start thinking about possibly camping when I go on my trips. It's hard trying to plan trips around where I can stay for free! Tent etc gives you more freedom, well that's the plan anyway...

    I'd been using a bag I got for free from the gym I used to go to. It's been helpful for my trips thusfar but no good for when it starts raining.

    So anyway I got this bag: ...
  4. Waikato/Hawkes Bay 2/3/4th March 2013

    Gravel, roadworks, wind and sun - you're not my friend!

    Went on a nice trip in the weekend North Shore to work in Central Auckland on Friday, left work and stayed the night at a friends in Cambridge to help break up the trip a little from Taupo to Hastings the next day. Left Cambridge after a lovely bacon and egg mc muffin brekky and headed to Taupo to meet Grashopper on Saturday morning, few spots of roadworks, some road ripped up really bad on the way there, but somehow I survived... ...
  5. 100km without getting my arse off the bike (01/01/2013)

    Quote Originally Posted by bosslady View Post
    Riding for 2.1 weeks now (not incl. the couple of lessons i had in a car park). This time last week the thought of going on a main road was unnerving, the motorway? unthinkable! Tackled the motorway Sunday just been, the harbour bridge yesterday and had a longish ride today. Been getting out almost any chance I can when its not been raining and/or I haven't had to work, not all of us get time off, slackers! (kidding!!)

    Anyway first ride for 100km without getting my semi fat arse off
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  6. So I went out for a ride tonight... (20/12/2012)

    Quote Originally Posted by bosslady View Post
    don't worry, it was still light out! For those who have read my other thread I'm starting to feel a bit better and got brave and went out in the traffic w00t w00t then I got confused at an intersection (confuzzles me when I'm driving my car too) and went towards the town centre with twice as much traffic and corners haha uh oh. Anyway I'm still alive, albeit a little bit gross and sweaty, probably nerves.
  7. This is for the not so newbies... (03/12/2012)

    Quote Originally Posted by bosslady View Post
    Seems like everyone you talk to when you tell them you're learning was a natural, got on a bike for the first time and off they went, like they were born to ride, fearless. Well is there anyone who's now a confident rider that was never any of these things? Anyone who's scared? maybe wanted to crap their daks? I never went into it thinking I was all that and a bag of chips, thought I might struggle and gosh darn was I right! I don't even know how to drive a manual so not a great start lol. Want
  8. Have I made some newbie mistakes? (30/11/2012)

    Quote Originally Posted by bosslady View Post
    Went stupid this week and spent a fair bit (by my standards anyway) of cash money on bike gear. In my defence I did the best I could, I didn't have any friends to ask for help or advice, read descriptions with a passion and checked sizing over and over again... but I'm worried I've bought the wrong kind of stuff, panicking about the boots in particular cause the descrip says mx? Anyway thoughts appreciated, don't think I'll get the gear for another 2 or 3 weeks:

    Alpinestars Stell
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