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  1. KSS Rocks!

    Another day, another dollar!.....ummm......yeah, nah.......I had the day off and spent nearly three grand!!

    There was a time I would have been ecstatic to be riding a $3K bike but we nearly spend that on decent riding gear these days and today I spent that much making improvements that probably won't do anything to the value of the bike.

    At the beginning of this year I was chatting with Andrew Templeton at a Capital Coast Conehead session and he mentioned how rapt he ...
  2. Hi all newbie here :) GN250 or Scorpio 225

    Hi all I'm new to this so here i go . I just did my basic handling skills test and my theory is booked in for tomorrow .I'm looking at these two bikes

    I'm about 6.1ft tall weigh about 110kg. I an use to driving farm bikes (DR200). I rode the yamaha scorpio for my basic handling test ...
  3. The Touring GN250

    So nerrrd inspired me to start thinking about possibly camping when I go on my trips. It's hard trying to plan trips around where I can stay for free! Tent etc gives you more freedom, well that's the plan anyway...

    I'd been using a bag I got for free from the gym I used to go to. It's been helpful for my trips thusfar but no good for when it starts raining.

    So anyway I got this bag: ...
  4. Thanks Mr Avon!...and I bid thee farewell, Adieu …and I wave with a Big Finger!!

    FU Mr Avon!! You can take your Storm 2 Ultras and shove ‘em where the sun don’t shine. I’ve had nothing but great riding off the Avon Storms but my last three rears (all Storm 2 Ultras) have cost me a fortune and given me no end of grief. The attached refers for the first two, to which I received no comment or reply….and then there was this weekend!!

    The bike has been running great, I did have to get a Battlax 023 fitted to the front (I might note that this was because of Mr Avon’s ...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Avon Storm Ultra.pdf   Click image for larger version. 

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  5. Mike Nash's New Website


    Just letting you know that Mike Nash (some of you may know Mike from reading various Bike publications in New Zealand) has a new site which he will be updating with all his new articles, reviews and lots of photos. There is already a few great reads on there, check out the reviews of the Brass Monkey this year.

    Address is

    Would love to hear any feedback!

    Rowan c/o Mike Nash
  6. It was all on till the fifth lap and then non piston slap piston slap was heard

    Don't they say something along the lines of preparation is key, or something to that effect.

    One must also include in this, "check any engine mods you have done religiously when trying out something new!"

    Half way through the first race of the day my engine got very very noisy to where it sounded like one of the cam chain guides had shat itself. What is was the piston grinding against the edge of the cylinder wall as one of the brass buches and aluminum bullets had ...
  7. Merry Christmas. happy New Year, Let the rubber hit the track & ride without a care.

    Tomorrow is the first round of the King of Kaitoke and I can't wait. For me it's like being a kid on Christmas Eve and being unable to sleep cause your too exited.

    I am going back to B Grade as I am not fast enough for A Grade. This should also working in favour for winning both B grade and King of Kaitoke as I am running 5 second quicker laps and am on a much faster bike.

    From the people who were in B grade last year;
    Caleb would have been the toughest to race ...
  8. Performance Pipes for Daytona 675 - Thoughts?

    Hi everyone - I'm looking for peoples views on the best sounding/looking pipe for a Triumph Daytona 675 (09). I'm pretty taken with the Jardine RT-1 (carbon). Are there any thoughts on the Jardine or, 'better' alternatives...views would be most welcome! Thanks.
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