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  1. Stock Clearance Sale

    Meet Drury Motorcycle (Performance Centre) new owners Des and Aida.
    They welcome all motorcycle enthusiasts:
    Clearance Sale:1st of November to 19th of November.
    Motorcycle Tyres, Batteries, Brakes, chains, Sprockets, oil and air filters for most makes and models.
    Jackets, Pants, Helmets, Gloves etc.
    Phone Des and Aida on 092947955 for absolutely Crazy Bargains.

    Also they are very keen to service
  2. Brake Fluid

    One of the common questions I asked all riders was for an interval on brake fluid changes. The norm seemed to be every 1-2 years for most road riders. Various intervals were given by track riders and racers like from very regularly to annually.

    The follow up question on "How long is a bottle of brake fluid good for once the seal is broken?" again received a common answer of 30 days which is correct.

    After 30 seconds of silence, puzzled looks and a little ...
  3. Monthly blog post to help riders cover the basics in a simple step by step basis

    It was apparent that the most overlooked part of basic set up was ergonomics. As such, being comfortable on your bike is not an option - it is mandatory. Let's run through each one in detail and if you have old injuries, respect them and adjust accordingly even if that means something isn't perfectly symmetrical.

    Handle bars
    Most stock bars have some adjustment. Not a lot at the triple clamp end but certainly a lot at the bar end, and that's the critical part. Do you know how ...