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  1. Qkkid does his first Pillion

    Its been a while in the making......

    Every single time we have had to or decided to 2-up, I have always been the rider in control. However a milestone happened on Friday night, where I grit my teeth and let Qkkid take the reigns.

    To be honest I really enjoyed being a pillion! He did a great job, only a couple of small jabs in the ribs to remind him I'm on the back. To tell the truth it was the first time for me on the back seat of a sports bike looking ...
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  2. Roadworks on Gt Nth Rd

    Some of those roadworks people need to be re-trained. Leaving their great big signs in the bus/bike lane so buses have to swerve out of the lane to get around them. Ok for me on the bike unless I get caught behind a bus.

    The Pasifika people have left the big water-filled barriers just sitting in the bus lane, narrowing it by a long way. Wonder how long before they bother collecting them again?

    grumble grumble
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  3. wet & slippery

    Bought some cheap waterproof pants from the warehouse yesterday. Got on the bike and almost slid right off again. Need velcro on my bum.

    1) I got home before the rain started
    2) when the rain did start it was really heavy so hopefully it washed the road clean

    Maybe when the seat gets wet I might stick to it better.
  4. Where to begin....?

    Back in the heady days of late 2000, the newly acquired SWMBO and I were driving past Pt Chevaleir and decided to check out some open homes on a whim. We looked at a few houses, then we hit on "the one". We had started planning our wedding but after checking with a mortgage broker, we found that we could indeed service a mortgage if we put the wedding back a year, so after some fierce negotiations and lots of too-ing and fro-ing, we made the deal and had a house.

    Life was good. We ...
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  5. 5...4...3...2...1...Thunderblogs are GO!

    Ahh, wouldn't it have been great to have a blog before the house renovations started?

    Here we are, 4 and a bit months down the track with many fascinating tales of resource consents, building consents, outrageous fees and impending court cases that could have filled the entries here. I may do some retrospective blogging on the whole process to warn others what they are up against.

    Still, theres only 2 weeks left of the build and the house is looking damn good. 2 new ...
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  6. First-timer!

    Bit of a Virgin when it comes to blogging. There always has to be a first time........

    This blog will be used by myself and also Qkkid. I think the term 'The Qkkies' has stuck with us and Qkkid has since bought a personalised plate for our car "QKKIES" with underneth. Just doing our part to advertise the site.
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  7. Commuting Tue 6 March

    Must remember that not all bikers are my friends.

    Last week (Thurs?) played with a gal on a blue Ginny most of the way to work. Was fun, grinning at each other when we stopped at lights.

    Yesterday was part of a convoy - 3 bikes of a similar size all commuting in the bus lane. Expected fun and comeraderie. Instead got rudeness and dangerous behaviour from one of them.

    Just because he rides a bike, he's not my friend. You get nutters in all walks ...
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  8. Volty does Papatoetoe

    My last ride on Volty was yesterday. Rode from Mt Albert to Papatoetoe to visit the SV rider's parents, following the SV all the way. Found the SV's LED tail-lights rather hypnotic and had to remember to look past it instead of just following the pretty lights.

    The SV rider was very considerate and didn't try to lose me this time (required a lecture before we started though).

    Got to Papatoetoe and discovered that the TL (Big Red) and the Vespa (Bella) had the same ...
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