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What is rep?

It's just feedback. If someone agrees or disagrees with a post you've made they may give you some rep. It doesn't actually mean anything and isn't worth getting annoyed or upset over.

At the top right of each post is each member's bike, location, and their reputation. This is represented by coloured little boxes, and if they have enough, light green boxes. Some may have red or blue/grey boxes. Just above this is a number, a set of scales, and an exclamation mark.

Why are there different colours?

Dark or light green are positive rep, and increase a person's rep. Red is negative, and decreases a person's rep. Blue/grey is neutral, neither positive or negative. New members have neutral rep, and don't affect anyone elses rep, until they get a rep, be it negative or positive.

Why did I get green rep?

Someone agrees with a post of yours.

Why did I get red rep?

Usually it is because someone disagrees with a post of yours. However, you may also receive red rep for starting threads in the wrong place. This is designed to educate members about starting threads in the right place, in order to receive the most help.

Why did I get grey/blue rep?

Someone with less than 10 rep points agreed/disagreed with a post of yours. You can't tell which except by the comment they made when giving the rep.

How can I see how much rep I have?

Click on "User CP" at the top of most windows of KiwiBiker, and it should be the first screen you see.

Can I see all the rep I've been given for a certain post?

Go to the original post and click on the scales for it and you will see all of the rep given to you for that post

How do I give someone rep?

Members are able to give other members rep by clicking on the scales, in the relevant person's post (top right of each post). The window will ask whether you want to agree (and give positive rep), or disagree with a person's post (and give negative rep). You will also have the choice of leaving a short message, that they can see.

How do I get more rep?

You have to wait until another member gives you some, and that is by their choice. Asking for rep will usually result in people giving you red rep.

Why did my total rep go down?

Usually it's because you got a red rep from someone. The other reason is a post you were given rep for is part of a thread that has been moved to the Pointless Drivel (PD) forum. PD is a black hole. Threads/posts in PD don't add to your post count and rep given for posts in PD doesn't count either. If you are given some rep for a post then that thread is moved to PD that rep is removed again.

Can I reverse a rep I gave?

Nope. You give it you live with it, good or bad.

Why can't I see who gave me rep?

You aren't a Senior Member yet.

How much rep shows in the rep meter in posts?

The rep meter will show the lower of either your total rep or 1700 points. It will show a maximum of 1700 no matter how much rep you have.

Colour Rep points
light green 200
dark green 100
grey/blue 0 (user has less than 10 posts on forums)
dark red -100
light red -200

How much rep do I give each time??

The amount you give varies depending on three factors.

  1. the amount of rep you have. For every +100 rep, add 1 to your Rep Weight.
  2. the amount of time you have been a member. For every year you have been a member, add 1 to your Rep Weight.
  3. the amount of posts you have. For every 500 posts you have made, add 1 rep to your Rep Weight.

It won't let me give out more rep. What are the limitations to handing out rep?

  1. You have to have a minimum of 10 posts to affect someones rep. User will receive a blue/grey rep square if you have less than 10 posts whether you gave good or bad rep.
  2. You can only give rep 10 times every 24 hours.
  3. You have to rep 3 more peaple before giving rep to the same person again.

When I hover my mouse over the rep meter it shows a message. What are all of the messages?

-150 User is infamous around these parts
-100 User can only hope to improve
-50 User has a little shameless behaviour in the past
0 User is an unknown quantity at this point
10 User is on a distinguished road
50 User will become famous soon enough
150 User has a spectacular aura about
250 User is a jewel in the rough
350 User is just really nice
450 User is a glorious beacon of light
550 User is a name known to all
650 User is a splendid one to behold
1000 User has much to be proud of
1500 User has a brilliant future
2000 User has a reputation beyond repute
3000 User is just a complete and utter green bling whore

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