Mounting solutions

  1. Idubbs
    Hi Guys, I run the local distribution of Ram Mount products, and even though I personally don't use a GoPro, I've done plenty of mounts for them. I personally use a Drift 170 vidcam on my bike mainly because of the LCD screen. Anyway, I'll gladly help out with suggestions on mounting bits to bikes if asked, including longer arms and pole mounts..... Helmet cams I'm not so comfortable with as I find it hard to get right in terms of aiming the camera straight, plus I tend to ride with my head flicking all over the place..... instant nausea when I watch the footage. What I would like ... is a decent chest harness that's easy to wear and take off with your gear. Happy to hear your thoughts...
  2. Metal Doctor
    Metal Doctor
    i use a chest harness, but it slides about alot when wearing body armour (i have uploaded a vid on the groups page). to make it stick i have used 3M DualLock to hold it in position, its like velcro but its all plastic so it doest get worn out like velcro.
  3. Metal Doctor
    Metal Doctor
    have you had any luck with mounting to the handle bars?
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