Ride up north, Brynderwyn, Dargaville, Whangarei Mangawai Heads. 27/01/2019.

  1. Wolfrider
    O.K people, time to get your butt off the chair, fingers off the keyboard, butt on the motorcycle seat and fingers on the handlebars. Lets see who the real motorcyclists are!

    Date: 27 January 2019
    Time: 9am
    Where: BP Dairy Flat

    Meet up at BP Dairy Flat, cruise on up to Brynderwyn, turn off to Dargaville, head to Whangarei to have lunch, head down to Waipu, Waipu cove and Mangawai heads and then head home.

    Duration: ALL DAY.

    See all the real riders THERE!
  2. caseye
    Thats 2 for the road, makes three, come on you ugly mofo's sign in!
  3. Wolfrider
    Well, the day started with the wife's helmet visor coming off, something that should have taken me 5 min to fix took 20min to sort out, got to the BP at 9am, waited until 9:30 for anyone to show up (only a friend of mine and his wife showed), headed up to Brynderwyn, traffic got a bit heavy by Wellsford, cleared up a little further on. On our way down SH12, we had to make a detour past the Kauri museum, as the road was washed out. Stopped at my brother's place in Dargiville, headed to Whangarei then to Patura South, doubled back and had lunch at the pub in Parua Bay. We then skited the back of Whangarei and headed to Waipu for an ice cream, past through Waipu cove and the back roads until we got to Kaiwaka. The traffic was pretty bad when we got to Wakworth, took an hour and 45min to get home, which was about 7:50pm. All and all the weather held out until we got to Auckland, and overall, it was and excellent day and a great ride.
  4. Murray
    Auckland Anniversary weekend not a good time for hitting the main roads!
  5. Wolfrider
    LOL, no time is a good time for hitting Auckland roads Murray, Keen on a ride to Taupo on the weekend of 16-17 of March?
  6. caseye
    Count us (wifey and I) in Wolfie me ol mate.
    Any dirty old dusty as metal roads down thataways?
  7. Murray
    Aprils a good month to head North whose keen on a Northern Tour in April?
  8. caseye
    Yep. X 2. Anyone else left alive out there.
  9. Wolfrider
    Not many I say, heading down to Taupo for the night this weekend, not sure what time we will leave yet.
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