BFTP Reunion ride. This Saturday the 3rd of March 2018. To The Awhitu Lighthouse.

  1. caseye
    BFTP Reunion ride. This Saturday the 3rd of March 2018. To The Awhitu Lighthouse.

    Meet at the BP on the Southern Motorway Outside the AutoBahn cafe. (Just past the Papakura off ramp heading south) at about 10am, ride off at 1030-45 am ish.
    So Far, Mad Max, Mrs MM?,Caseye, Mrs Caseye aka Ratbag, Wolfie?,Dodgy Mr O'Flaratey! Hobbyhorse,Ixion,The jmk's,Motu,who else is coming out, MotoKuzzi Come on man a good ol boy from the Mighty Waikato can't do it without you,Baptist, 89,biggo,Col aka Bikemad, clowndog, crisis management, cs363,DEATH_INC.,durp, Fastmark, geoffm, gwigs, HDTboy, ICE180, ntst8, Olkat, pinhole, [U]psyguy, Smallfishnz, suntrakr, surfer, Come on Surfer boy, let it all hang out(um sorry no, not lke last time),Tigadee, get your shit together BOY! come for a ride, Tofu Me an Ratbag we got room if ya wanna come down for the night/day. ,trapster66, trustme, UNNA, Voltaire??? Come on. CJ Craig where are ya?
    To those of you not mentioned by name, in this case it's because I've only named our Auckland based members for this ride.
    I will talk with the other older heads on Saturday and see about a Mid Island ride meet on Saturday.
    Can't have you poor old bike, old boned riders feeling mised out now can we?
    0274433671 if any questions, even just to say HI! I'm rding or not this time but will be back.

    come on you lot, this is to be the first of the many.
    Apologies: Diggers, poor blighter, working of all things.

    of you other BFTPer's who are reading this right now.
    The weather looks to be holding on, we will get there and back and have a good day, Late Lunch at the Kentish perhaps.
  2. Wolfrider
    Sorry, can't make this one.
  3. caseye
    A Shame that is Wolfie, never mind there WILL BE another time.
    The weather is looking brilliant, come out you lot and lets ride.
    See you all at the AutoBahn just after 10am.
  4. Max Headroom
    Max Headroom
    Hey Caseye, I'm going to pass on this one too, unfortunately. I've been away for the week and got home last night. Too much to do . . . . .
  5. caseye
    Well, there is now just two confirmed riders, we'll be there at 10am,ride off will be 10.30am.
  6. Hobbyhorse
    Well I guess I missed that one .... we have been at Tauranga Bay and just arrived home ... Oh well.
  7. caseye
    Never mind mate, it WAS rather short notice, there are 2 major motor sport events on in Dorkland and we all have lives to live.
    I'll get better organised for the next one and post it up min good time.
    The destinationfor today changed, and the ride was officially attended by Ratbag (on her gleaming M50 these days) and myself, so the BFTP rides again folks.
    Hobby, the ol Yammy went from Ratbag to her Neice in Waiuku , she has just passed it in for a 535 later model, but loved it and looked after it reqally well.
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