Merry Christmas

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  1. Dadpole
    Merry Christmas to anyone out there in BFTP land.
  2. caseye
    Don't ask me why, but I'm still here to Dadpole me ol mate. Have a bloody Fantastic Christmas an a better new Year.
  3. pete376403
    Still checking in from time to time. Dragged the GS1100 out of the shed and started stripping it down to get back on the road. 4 new inlet manifolds to replace the cracked and perished originals. Took the bowls off the carbs expecting to find a mess of solid white corrosion, pleasantly surprised to find they are immaculate after near 10 years of non use. Fuel tank looks good inside probably due to the oil that got sloshed around when put into storage. Hopefully I'll get it all back together.
    And seasons greetings to all!
  4. fridayflash
    Hi all, seasons greetings to you lot too. just finished work for the year, great sigh of releif i must say. havent done feckall riding in the last few years but i have a yamaha 660 trailie now so will breakaway after christmas. planning to do the top half of the south island as thats about all i can afford time wise. Need a comfy road bike really, probably a bandit like you Caseye
  5. Dadpole
    Nice to know you are still out there still. Have a good non-denominational, non gender-biased festive season (as the PC types call it).
  6. fridayflash
    How you been Keith? still living on the pahiatua track?
  7. Dadpole
    Still in the land of the living here Eddie. We are still on the Track. Pop in anytime you are passing.
  8. Diggers
    Hey there everyone who reads this. Merry Christmas!! I still check in every so often as well. Although I feel like a bit of a fraud as I've gone modern and have an 06 CB1300S. Nice bike, really like it.

    Nice to read some hellos from a few old faces.

    Cheers! Enjoy your day everyone.
  9. caseye
    Heading souff tomorrow, all, the way from Dorkland to Welly, do it in one day, had enough of this place, got to get out!
    Not sure which way I'm heading Daddy Pole, but chuck mus yer mobille numba and if I'm close I'll hollar!, Promise.
    Flash, I've got my bro inlaw and one of my offsiders from up here in Dorlkand both riding Bandy's now, tey just do it all so well,a nd as I'm about to prove again, load em up And go, no drama's.
    Diggers you are not alone, I've still got the ol Coal Burner, tits are still full length on the brand new Shenco's, (Rego's been on hold for the last 3-4 years) but hey, she still gets fired up every few months and talekn for a short(usually end up in The Tron) warm up run, before being returned to under the fitted sheet in the garage, none should worry that they can't or arnt riding old machines, long as you have and want too again I'm happy.
    Happy New Year Guys and Gals.
  10. fridayflash
    Great to hear from you chaps, hey diggers thats a tough machine youve got! cheers keith ill do just that, been threatening to take my son for a bit of a jaunt away on his gn250
    we may just pop in mate
    Happy trails with the bandit bandits Caseye

    real glad to hear everyones well and still riding


  11. Wolfrider
    Yep, still lurking in the shadows, happy new year everyone!
  12. Murray
    yep merry Xmas to all and have a great safe riding 2019. Caseye Big Nige has been up here for a few days and hopes are we will all catch up in Dorkland Feb some time.
  13. ICE180
    still check in now and then
    I still have the GB and use it a lot but
    I now have an SV for a daily ride as I though using the GB for a daily might end up wearing it out a wee bit
  14. caseye
    And a Happy New Year Too!
    Well, we're still here, warms the cockles of me Heart to see you lot posting in ere then!
    Dapdpole, it was marvelous catching up with you and the Fresh Apple Juice was just what the Doctor ordered.
    Amazing location, I hope the odds get better this year.
  15. fridayflash
    Ahh yes, tis a lovely new year! i got away to gisorne with a mate on new years day, saw a garage full of nice bftp type machines.. firstly was a ts250 savage on a bike bench getting a resto job, then there was the two restored ts400's one of which was road legal, the other was in tm400 livery, then a beautifully restored early model It175, then
    the panther.. rigid front and rear brit machine? ive seen one before with a sloping 4 stroke engine but this one was a 250cc 2 stroke villiers jobbie.
    other projects on the go in the garage included a 1962 jawa 250cc scrambler and the remnants of a dkw 125 mx'er... apparently the bike had been sold new in gisborne by dalgetys. anyway the bloke then takes us into his house and on a stand he has another dkw125mx '73 model, impeccably restored.. leading link forks and all, it really was quite a stunning machine which he picked up locally in girborne too.. from a cow cocky who'd never really ridden it from new due to it being too peaky for farm use!

    So it was quite a good bike day out, the reason for the visit to this guys house was so my mate (a former work colleague of the gissy chap) could have a test ride on his triumph
    tiger 800 adventure tourer type machine. i took it for a spin too.. super comfy and smooth, engine felt a lot like a suzuki 750/900/1100/1200 type motor
    pretty bloody fast and probably compact enough to flick about on gravel roads if one so desired

    incedently the ride to and fro gisborne was very pleasant..i was a bit worried there'd be a lot of numptys heading home from rythmn n vines but wasnt a problem
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