Saturday 20th November 2021 BFTP Ride. The return/Return to Turangi Holiday Park.

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  1. caseye
    Well folks, the planned ride last weekend to Turangi got off to a good start with 11 confirmed BFTP members booked to go.
    By Thursday of last week we were down to 4.
    On Friday it went down to 2, I spoke with the other significant and we agreed not to go and I believe, we're now rebooked using same money for Saturday the 20th of November, nice people at the THP.
    So, this leaves you lot getting your shit together and saying yes and booking it with the THP ( Turangi Holiday Park. ) asap.
    Then letting us/me know in here that you are a confirmed , booked up attendee.
    It is a 5 minute walk to some very nice restaurants and the local pub, our hosts have always welcomed us and are looking forward to having us back again.
    So come on, make it happen aye.

    If you have not received a PM from me with the details attached, please go to the forum and check in re the 20th November 2021.
  2. Murray
    20th when?????
  3. caseye
    I believe this was the title of this particular correspondence November 2021.

    Saturday 20th November 2021 BFTP Ride. The return/Return to Turangi Holiday Park.
    Oop's, my apologies Murray the stated date as above is in the private message I have sent to everyone.
    Not here in the post, I shall amend that this instant.
  4. Dadpole
    Dadpole will be there - twice if necessary to push up the numbers. I have confirmed my booking for Nov 20. Be there or I will visit you for Xmas.
  5. wickle
    booking for 20th November confirmed
  6. Murray
    Think we could be in for this!!!!
  7. Murray
    Think we could be in for this!!!!
  8. caseye
    You'd bloody better be, theres a room at our inn on Friday if you want to shorten up the first leg, and any how why not!
  9. Murray
    Jeez a Friday night at your place I wont be able to ride Saturday
  10. Diggers
    Booked in for 20th November!
  11. caseye
    Well, that's five confirmed so far, come on The Rest of You, those who thought they might last time.
    Do IT.
    Wolfrider (Come on Wolfy, you're still out there , I know),yorkshire raceramesh.
    If we all came the place would just fit us in, and if you take too long to book, we might not have enough room! Can't have that, Book It Dano.
    Simple, ride/cage, meet up, have a meal, out or in, as you please, bit of a get together on Satdee night, away anytime you want in the am on Sunday.
    Walk in the park.
  12. Diggers
    Great roll call Caseye. And a concise explanation of the activities!
  13. RDjase
    I hope to be there, LC has had its 40 year birthdays so the rego is a great price now, just have to put it back together, or bring my T150 Trident
  14. caseye
    Be a Blast (C wot eye did thar!)to catch up again Jase, Bring any bike you want mate, not important what you ride important you come along.
    The Coal Burner also had her 40 tieth last month and is suitably adorned with a curent WOF AND Rego, a whole 12 months worth for the measley sum of $58 odd dollars.
  15. caseye
    OK you Orible little men! November 20th is a date that the Park has got for the BFTP.
    So Far there are at least 4 bookings, lets start making sure we're going to be there.
    Sound Off.
    Let us know you're coming.
    Jase, be great to have you there mate.
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