SMC - University of Auckland Scooter and Motorcycle Club (Moderated Group)

The Official KB Group for the SMC.

We offer organised rides, "fix-it" days, rider training, AUSA and ACC subsidies, store discounts plus endless help and advice. We also represent you in our constant efforts to increase and improve parking, safety and security in and around the university and auckland city region.

no you don't have to be a student at UofA, or a student at all for that matter.

membership here does not constitute registered membership with the SMC. for that, one must PM squiggles and have a gold coin ready.

For most of our events etc go find us in our subforum - the social groups all died after a software upgrade made them unusable back in march '09

this is currently a "moderated" group - our own area to talk shit and organise events without the rest of kb dragging things off topic or police getting too clued up ;)

if we have ever seen you at one of our rides/events and/or you post in the SMC part of the forum regularly you're in. Expect a PM otherwise.

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