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Question: is the Headlight Main Beam warning light wired only through the "On" switch and dip switch, or actually through the bulb socket? i.e. if I'm riding during the day, with my headlight switched ON as by law, and the headlight fails, will the Main Beam warning light also go out ? If it doesn't, and the light fails and I'm stopped by the fuzz, I doubt that a response of "but you can see that I have it switched on, Hofficer" will wear, he'll claim that I tried switch it on as he approached !

I know, I'm not supposed to drive with the main beam on all the time, but that's not the point, I do occasionally flip the dip switch up to see the warning light illuminate, to be satisfied that all is well - am I fooling myself.

Strangely - this isn't a problem at night, if the headlight fails I will probably notice !
The little blue idiot light is separate from the headlight bulb so either can fail without affecting the other.
But I think you're worrying about nothing, cops aren't generally that aggressive or pedantic unless you get all smartarse.

and IMO using high beam during the day only makes you more noticable in a bad way...