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Thread: Kapi-Mana Club champs wrap up. Pit Bikes

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    Kapi-Mana Club champs wrap up. Pit Bikes

    Well the final two round of the Kapi-Mana Club Champs here in Wellington were to be raced over two days of Wellington anniversary weekend a couple of weeks back and in true Wellington summer fashion, the Sunday was a complete washout with flooded tracks and gale force winds. That being said, the Saturday was an absolute stunner and so we got a great days racing.

    Leading into the weekend I was sitting second, only 4 points behind Jason Swanson on his Braarp and quietly confident I could do what was needed to overtake him for the championship. Iíd won the first round convincingly and only lost points in round two due to a knee injury that was now completely healed. Iíd taken my doctors advice and rested for two months, not going near the bike to give myself the best chance of regaining full strength and felt really good to go.

    Practice came and went and I felt comfortable on the bike, getting back into the swing of the newly groomed track and getting a feel for the bike. I was pleased to see my diagnosis of a small handling issue from Round 2 was sorted and the bike was tracking straight as an arrow.

    On the start line of race 1 I got what I thought was an ok start but Jason gapped me in the first half of the lap and I found myself over riding the bike to try and make up the time. Getting really frustrated at my lack of pace I just focused on riding tidy and quickly. I soon began to real him in but had a fall on a slick piece of track near the start line. Luckily I didnít lose too much time but now I was angry at myself and was riding way too aggressively. I over jumped a table-top and failed to make the next turn, running off the top of a berm and dropping the bike again. Re-joining the race, I got back into second place but that was where I finished.

    For Race 2 I knew I had to be better off the start and I was heaps quicker but still slotted into second place. I held a 3 second gap behind Jason for the whole race but just couldnít get close enough to attempt a pass. I rode tidily and kept it upright but Jason managed the gap really well, taking another comfortable win with me second. I was now 10 points down for the championship and knew that if the weather turned bad Sunday (which it did) there was a chance I wouldnít win.

    For Race 3 I once again lost time on the start and first straight but managed to tag onto the back of first place and try a couple of passes. We raced really closely for a few laps until I made a small mistake leading onto the back straight and the extra power of Jasons bike got him a few meters ahead and I struggled to get any closer. I was disappointed as in previous races I have been able to pass Jason and then make a small gap which he couldnít recover from and comfortably win , now exactly the opposite was happening!

    On the start line of Race 4 I decided I was going to make him work really hard and as the bungey dropped I had the Forza off the line perfectly! We were bar to bar for the start straight and the start chute and all the way through the infield. I tried a block pass on lap one and immediately got overtaken again on the next straight. I glued myself to the back wheel of the Braarp and closely watched Jasons lines. On lap two we were side by side, bar to bar for a full lap. Big look back, side by side whips over all the table tops and inside/outside passes on each turn. Rubbing elbows and touching wheels on a couple of occasions, eventually I made a pass stick and then just rode Jasons lines as best I could, knowing that there was no way he could get around me if I was on his fast line. For 6 laps he shadowed me but couldnít get past until on the very last lap, I missed a gear change leading onto the back straight and he managed to pull a bike length for the win.

    So with Sunday racing cancelled, thatís how we finished the championship. I was initially disappointed in not winning our Club Champs but having spoken with Jason and other people I have come to be really proud of what we achieved given that with only 18 months experience, Iím racing a-grade motocross riders on much more expensive machinery and learning more every race. Iím very fortunate to have a great group of supporters behind me who I really canít thank enough, first and foremost my partner and kids who have to look after themselves at a race meeting so I can make sure Iím doing what I need. Also New Zealand Motor Factory for all the advice and providing such a well built race machine. The strength and handling of my Forza FXR155 SE is astonishing given the punishment I dish out and Iím really happy to be part of the Forza Race Team, I really canít tank the team enough for all their ongoing support. The extremely quick request for parts and advice is confidence inspiring, knowing I can order parts and have them arrive the following day is key to good preparation.

    Our focus now is the Wellington Pit Bike Championship over Easter weekend at our local track once again. This event is now regarded as the largest Pit Bike race event in New Zealand and attracts massive fields, previously only a one day race meeting this year will be the first time we race two days in a row. Anyone whoís raced a pit bike will realize that this in itself we be a determining a factor in who finishes on the podium. We have disassembled the bike and are making some changes to run with the boys on the quicker 190cc bikes but at the end of the day itíll be all about consistency, fitness and stamina.

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