Hey guys, thanks for the replies.
The rude ones were ...interesting.

I apologize for not making a decent effort of searching for trackdays etc in NZ.
And sorry if my messages were perceived as trolling. I was just poking a bit of fun, but I see speed limits are a sore spot, which I totally understand (I've dealt with the inner-conflict too)

So anyway, I've come here to close the circle.
I've decided to sell my blade in SA.

The issue of speed limits and enthusiasts' fast machines, and opportunities to enjoy them isn't specific to NZ of course, it's a fairly general issue around the world; so don't take it so personally.
I simply referred to NZ because that's of course what my decision relates to.

If you simply google SA speed limits, you won't have an understanding of the vibe of riding superbikes in this country. SA is not run as well as NZ so don't assume you can imagine how it is if you haven't ridden superbikes here for a long time.

Again, I realize I'm touching a nerve so I'll repeat no harm intended with anything I've written.

Basically I had a good look at my situation. Trackdays are currently too expensive for me. I've got to support my family with a single income. Trackdays involve fees, petrol, oilchange (some do), burning through tyres and brakes, and god-forbid you drop the bike, that gets very expensive.

And I did some introspection. As much as I've tried to ride superbikes slow. I just can't do it and be happy about it sustainably. It's too uncomfortable. When you open up and are moving around the bike like a monkey then it's either not uncomfortable anymore, or I don't notice it cos I'm having so much fun.

Also if you speed a little and think it's fast, may not be what feels fast/fun to me. Again I'm really not trolling. The penalties are huge for riding the way I'd like to ride a superbike.
(Disclaimer: I'm not suggesting I would ever do anything illegal in any country, no sir, but some of you implied it's an option. So for me it's definitely not)
Having it and holding myself back constantly would make me very sad.
It's a weird thing, because I actually enjoyed my VFR400 more than the CBR1000RR in some ways. I don't enjoy holding back. And on the 1000, you have to hold back a lot more, for various reasons.

So basically I've realized that when I have the financial means to burn money at the track one day, that's what I'll do.

Moving to NZ represents a greater shift for me that you may not understand. SA is a country where not much works and there's so much corruption all the way from the top down. A lot of people kind of just do what they want because the dysfunction and corruption is so wide-spread.
Moving to NZ is a breath of fresh air. Where I don't have to watch my back constantly and people are decent and things work. A much lower level of stress.
You guys have no idea what it's like to try get your work done when suddenly the power goes off, or you've made plans, spent money on them, and then the gov says they're going to turn off the water, cos they're too incompetent to manage the resources, etc etc etc.
So I actually just want to be law abiding and drive at the speed limits, in comfort on a scooter even though part of me thinks they're seriously (lets say wussy), or maybe a touring bike. Call me crazy if you like.

All the best guys, see some of you on the track, hopefully sooner than I expect!