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Thread: KTM LC4 Large Tank Questions

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    KTM LC4 Large Tank Questions


    I own a 2002 640 SM with the stock 12l tank (might be 11l not sure)
    I want to put one of Safari Australia larger fuel tanks which is made for the 625.
    The 625 has the same frame but a different seat shape apparently.
    I'm struggling to find a 625 seat or seat base.
    Does anyone know what options I have?
    Everything from KTM is NLA.
    KTM used to make a 18l tank especially for the 640 which would have been ideal.
    Looking at photos of the 625 and the 640 I can see the front of the seat may be the issue.
    Looks like the 640 has the wider part at the top and may be a different angle slope.

    Any help is good, i found some details online going back many years so all the stuff they mention is NLA.

    This the tank i want:

    If there's a way to mod my 640 seat that would be good to hear.

    Kind regards Jason

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    A KTM forum or thumpertalk may just find someone who knows, but probably not.

    Anything can fit anything if your budget is big enough, but you'd have to question the cost into such an old dirtbike.
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