I just finished rebuilding my 2001 honda cr125, i spent too much time worrying about finishing rebuilding my bike rather than worrying about how i was going to transport it places when it was finished. (3rd gear was popping out so i fully rebuilt the engine)
i am looking into getting a tow bar for my car, but until then i am on holiday until the 22nd of january with no way to take my bike places, lol.

i live in albany on the north shore.
i have broken in the engine, and everythiing seems fine.
i could chip in gas money.
i am a bit of a novice rider, not a newbie, but i was never fast, and am certainly a bit rusty with my bike being in pieces for the last 4 years.
i am a 34 year old, just fyi.
also, i have never been good at social stuff. so i may be a bit awkward.

so yeah, if anyone is heading out to woodhill in the next week and has space for a second bike, and you dont mind me tagging along, just let me know