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Thread: Steve Roberts interviews on Youtube

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    Steve Roberts interviews on Youtube

    I just came across this randomly, and it needs more views. Very interesting it is.
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    Wow, thanks for that. Watched the first and will enjoy the rest I'm sure.

    First thing to note was the peculiar chairs with turned front legs and square back legs. Pretty ugly.

    Was great to hear of Morley's early escapades. I missed that as only met him racing buckets and he was a legend just for his approach.

    I last saw him at Woodville (also mentioned in episode 1) maybe 5 years back when I dropped in on the mx nat held there and sat down on the bank about 2m away. His missus recognized us . With a cap and sunglasses, he had to start talking before I triggered, as was pretty random encounter. Great to catch up.

    Ohario valley was also mentioned. Was probably the tip area. We still have trail rides up there. Actually there was another earlier tip on other side of the road.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HenryDorsetCase View Post
    I just came across this randomly, and it needs more views. Very interesting it is.
    Cheers bud for posting the link, only watched part 8 so far.

    Love to listen to the very modest kiwi engineers !
    I remember Dave testing the first Alloy jobbie, he is such a determined guy , a real thinker also.

    (just passed the link on to Dave in Newcastle, in case he hasn't seen it? ).

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    It just turned up on my youtube recommended list. Glad I checked to see if someone had beat me to it!
    A GREAT series of videos

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