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Thread: The DR650 thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArgoBloke View Post
    Yeah, good point, I reckoned since it started several times last weekend it might have been good...will get some fresh fuel in it tomorrow and will report back.
    Cheers for the input
    Simple stuff first. Pull the plug, is it wet? Pour a little fuel into the plug hole. Replace the plug and see if it fires. If it does then fault is carb. If nothing fault is either spark, valve timing or compression.
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    but once again you proved me wrong.
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    I was hit by one such driver while remaining in the view of their mirror.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArgoBloke View Post
    Hi all,
    posted this at the DR650 Oz Thread, but here goes in case someone might have the answer...

    My 2011 DR (GSXR exhaust, opened up airbox, drilled slide, Dynojet needle on 3rd slot, 155 Main Jet) has been sitting in the garage for quite some time. I have always been able to get it going and I am very experienced in the least so I believed.
    It has progressively been getting harder to start (it sits in the garage for long periods of time), and last weekend I replaced the float O rings and needle. Got it running last Sunday and I thought I'd fixed it only to find it wouldn't start again....just spent the whole of Saturday and I've achieved bugger all.
    Spark is good, battery is good, fuel flow is good; but it will not go. After extensive cranking it lets out an occasional bang but it just will not run.

    I am getting to the point of pulling the carb out to take it to a shop, perhaps they might be able to tell me WTF is wrong with it.
    I don't know the first thing about the electricals, I've read that the earth contact can cause trouble....?

    Any ideas will be gratefully appreciated.

    Glad to report the cleaning the jets appears to have done the trick. The plugs were up for replacement and I also put in some fresh fuel...started on first try...Thank you for all your contributions!
    Next thought is to get rid of hte shitty plastic choke bit and get a choke knob....went to Coleman Sukuki and the reckon $65 and 2 weeks from Japan...anybody done this and can it be found locally at a third of the price???

    Again, thank you all for your contributions...chuffed to be on the road again!

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    Bash/Skid plates

    Are there any bash plates out there that protect the sides of the engine from the gear lever from punching a hole in the case ( closing the barn door after the horse has buggered off )
    Fixxed hole but would like for it not to happen again .

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    you buy plates that silicone onto the sides of the cases for cheap --- but perhaps not where you want to protect??

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