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  1. Windshield

    Recently fitted a windshield on a cruiser, now bike shakes like crazy at all speeds. Any suggestions.
  2. WEBSITE for BST wheels and MWR filters is back.

    Hi all,

    Nice to be back. If you looking for BST wheels and MWR air filters go to. I will be glad to help and answer your questions.

    Remember - MWR airfilters art the World Champs in SBK and Supersport. BST would also be World Champs if the FIM dudes would wake up!

  3. warrant of fitnesses for your bikes

    Hi Guys and Gals
    It has taken us awhile but we are now doing Wofs for motorcycles in Drury.
    So pop in next time you are passing or simply need an excuse for a ride out to Drury and we will hook you up with a great deal.
    We can service your ride as well, while U wait
  4. Date for all Calendars

    Hamilton North Special School is having its 8th Annual Charity Motorbike run on Sunday the 23th November 2014. This is an event that is open to anyone that rides a motorbike and is to raise money to help children with Special Needs
  5. Lessons and A Milestone Comes into View.

    Two weeks further on and finally feeling that the first milestone is just around the corner…having the bike registered and getting number plates!! :-)

    I’d been struggling to refit the gearbox to the bell-housing, not being able to centre everything just right for it to slide back together. So, using the dimensions given in my Haynes manual, Mace Engineering machined a tool to help centre ...
  6. Project Dream Beemer - Challenges

    God, it's the beginning of July already! Winter seems to have set in with dreary grey days on end and none of the exciting stuff like snow or electrical storms. In my last post Mike the auto-sparky had been for his second visit to rewire the bike and return it as much as possible to 'factory' wiring. The idea being to establish a known starting point and see what improvement, if any, it made to the way the bike was running. So...

    Re-connecting the fan and thermo-sensor seems to have ...
  7. GT250R lifter or bobbins or spools

    can a gt250r have bobbins or spools fitted to the swing arm for the use of a paddock stand or do I have to use the less secure paddock stand with L brackets, also does anyone know of a bike lifter for a gt250r
  8. AMCC Round 5 @ Hampton Downs


    What a great way to end an excellent summer full of riding.

    Thursday evening was the last of the Honda Twilight Ride Days. It's only 3 sessions but it's also really cheap.

    Early on Thursday it was looking extremely dodgy with steady rain until about 10:00am, with light rain until about 1:00pm and then the sky cleared. By 4:30pm the roads were bone dry and perfectly clean. It was warming up so the track was ...
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