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    But no report about the nice ride... well, until H'ville.

    S'truth, you get all the fun eh? I shouldn't say this, but I've had one puncture in the last 80,000km odd, although it was during traffic on the Auckland motorway, and I kept riding it to my off ramp while it deflated (cats eyes were real interesting, bike got a whole jiggy going).

    Still, after a bit of help, you got home safe, which is the important part (and the hard feelings for Avon just a little understandable me thinks). Oh, also, give a thought to AA Plus membership. I joined when I figured after 2 years of 60,000km at all hours of the night throughout the country, luck was against me, and best I pay a little less than $150 a year for some piece of mind...
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    Well, in that case, from that position, no-one should be thinking they can dictate to anyone, what they can ride... Advice, if the person wants it, would be fine of course...

    As I said to the group of Harley riders when travelling the USA (during some good natured ribbing) the world would be a boring place if everyone rode the same bike.

    But seriously... BMWs are the best... best you buy one
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    It's half a day of expert time - $460.00
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    Of course different bikes are good for different purposes ans I agree, motorway/ open road commutes on a 100cc are not ideal. There are situations where they are awesome though and I guess my main point is that they are - and should be seen as - a valid choice. I know several people who have swapped big for little (CBR1000 for a ct110 is the most extreme example) for various reasons, and the negative reaction has been way out of proportion because that is not what people are 'supposed 'to do, ever.
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    Horses for course I think. As you say, if you're commuting a lot, then a small bike is the way to go (although I can't comment too much, as I use a CB900). Would depend if you have to constantly use the motorway however, if the small bike can't do 100kph and keep up with traffic.

    I wouldn't enjoy long distances on a 100cc odd bike however. Mid January to Mid October the BMW has done 26,500km, and I've only had it in my possession for 4 of those 9 months. I think it also depends what you have ridden. I do often say to learners to not spend big dollars on small bikes and wait until you have your full. If you've only ridden small bikes, then perhaps (in my opinion anyway) you don't know what you're missing (besides the increased gas usage and tyres disappearing in a matter of months or less). I've ridden pretty much everything between 50cc and 1800cc, but still prefer something around 1L, being 6'3, 100kg.
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    What was the cost?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gremlin
    I didn't know you were the secretary Jim?

    Sounds like a nice ride tho
    I have been the Ulysses National Secretary since the AGM in March when Howard Mansell put his name forward to become Vice president.
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    So overall money very well spent.

    Interesting info.
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    Interested to read your comments about tyres.
    The Avon Storms I had on my bike were the absolute worst tyre you could imagine. The bike was impossible to keep in a straight line at low speeds. Crawling in rush hour traffic it was hard to keep it in one lane. Importers were no help when I raised the issue with them. Kerry from Motohaus was full of crap and no use either. Apart from being bemused by his atrocious manners.
    The guy who previously owned my bike had very disparaging comments to make about the older Bridgestones so maybe they have upped their game as well. I have had the best performance out of Metzler Z6s. Look forward to see your future reports.
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    Good thinking.

    I do have first aid training, and with taking up riding, it's something ive decided I'll get refreshers every few years. First aid teaches you more than treating injuries, it also teaches things like managing the scene of an accident, always useful.
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    Brief and broad background:

    • Australia - Enlisted 1968, Vietnam 1969 - Retired medically 1983.
    • NZ - arrived 1983
    • Professional clinical management with CBT since 1995.
    • Retired 1999
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    I think you should google CBT and see what gets the most hits.

    Are you doing this to yourself?
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    It was a good read, thanks for sharing.
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    I think its a natural progression for you, after all - you have managed to evolve your riding genesis to the last bike you can actually ride! (without losing your licence)
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    I'll sum up your dribble about me...

    I think I'm growing old. It was only a few years ago it was about 2xxkph, performance mods and sliding bikes around. Now it's extra lighting, PLB... I shudder to think what the new few years hold... Maybe a zimmerframe?
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    As ever, the usual dribble par excellence from the master of miscommunications! I was at fault for ensuring Kathy didn't wear enough warm gear - I keep forgetting how fragile most normal people are to the elements!

    And typical that he thinks I was deluded and scrambling for an excuse to get him to lead - Gremlin has a GC to practise for, and I think he needs to get back into practice for riding at night (he has become a daylight rider).

    He'll thank me later, since obviously out of the two of us, I'm the voice of reason. Which is kinda scary ...
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    Crikey! Will wonders never cease! I think owning the Beemer has inculcated a sense of civic responsibility into Gremlin

    He has becoming a more mature and thoughtful denizen of the road network, it seems his OE has managed to breed some semblance of care! Okay - he has jumped ahead in terms of prep by having a GPS thingabob (which in hindsight, I should have had also in my travel anywhere, anytime days!)

    A real boy scout is our Gremlin turning into, though I shudder at the thought of him actually working on some poor person with his "medical" skills

    What next? A winch on the beemer in case he needs to tow somebody out? :scatch:
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    Quote Originally Posted by KoroJ
    Makes Mental Note: Be sure to register for rides early to ensure leaving before Mr G and hope if I do come off, it's before he's already passed me!
    Ah, but don't you see... blogging this hopefully brings it into the minds eye, encourages some debate and thoughts... perhaps provides enough motivation for someone else to do the same... who knows who it could save huh?

    And nevermind... out of 3 Grand Challenges so far, I've only left at my correct time once, the others I left late
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    Good stuff aye! Amazing how it improves the control and confidence on the road.
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    Makes Mental Note: Be sure to register for rides early to ensure leaving before Mr G and hope if I do come off, it's before he's already passed me!