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  1. South Auckland Thursday Night Ride

    Quote Originally Posted by Reckless View Post
    Thanks for that

    I do prefer riding with people ive already ridden with on long trips: this reduces the surprise factor
  2. Thinking about the forgotten ones - animals

    I have heard so many sickening stories on the news regarding animal cruelty. I wish I could do something. Why do us humans seem to think that we are superior to animals and that animals are bottom of the list of things that are important? Why does the government not fund the SPCA? Why does the lottery commission fund useless sports people who have plenty of money anyway when they could be helping out the SPCA? I have volunteered for the SPCA before and have seen how hard it is to work in such a ...
  3. 1st Day of Hols ... out riding!

    Well Monday was a good day for me, got up early and dropped my girl off to work on Max ( Big Ol'Hornet 900 ) - she asked me sweetly what I would be up to! With a cavalier wink and a sly smile, I duly announced ... "Riding, riding ... followed with more riding!"

    So I pootled off home to gear up and change bikes to Cindi ( Predator ) and after filling up at the local servo, I merrily rode my way to the Coromandel via Kaiaua. The great thing about doing these roads at what ...
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  4. Hy ryder, club ride

    Hey guys

    We have our first club ride on Thursday the 16th
    Leaving from Hyosung Takapuna, next to cycletreads on barrys point road at 7pm
    Try and be there between 6-30 and 7 with the your tank topped up as we will leave as soon as Ferg locks up the shop.

    Heading to the Puhoi pub for a quick refreshment and some chips.

    all bikes and all rider abilities welcome

    contact me if your interested in coming.

    El Cohete ...
  5. Hy Ryder, Hyosung Owners Club

    Hey Guys

    Hy Ryder is the Hyosung Owners club

    If your interested in becoming a member contact me and I'll set you up with the club card and send you the latest newsletter.

    El Cohete
    Hy Ryder club president.
  6. Steampunk inspired veteran build

    Spent today working on the springer forks
    These are made from mostly spare bits & pieces of junk
    Started with a set of CB400 T teles minus sliders & added another triple clamp mounted backwards to form the spring holder then made a pair of front tubes & triple clamp from a Miele moped mated to a pair of cut off rear shock mounts.
    found a spring,spacers & nut & made up a pair of rockers from a cut down swingarm
    Sounds horrendous but I reckon looks the part & may even ...
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  7. Steampunk inspired veteran build

    Found a suitable vintage brass ammeter on TradeMe & spent a little time restoring/polishing it up. Came up nice, its soon to grace the side of my previously made battery box
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  8. Riding for work

    Yes... imagine that. A long ride is required for work purposes. Ride there, do the work, come back. Awful. I struggled with this dilemma for an entire... mmm half second or so.

    The only issue was that it was Wellington where the work needed doing. Haste was required, so I couldn't exactly say the East Cape was on the way to Wellington. A, the boss is a biker himself. B, he's well aware of all the riding I do, and the distances I clock up. So there was no way in hell he'd ...