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  1. Work to restore begins

    Ya cool
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  2. Paeroa 2012

    Yeah nah.

    Short story; something in the engine broke on the main straight and it made awful tinkling noises. It's not fixable and I'm not replacing the engine. So the worlds only TT450 triple race bike is no longer.
  3. BRM round 3

    Now that was a good weekend cos I learnt a hell of a lot.

    Saturday my wife and I rolled out of bed a bit later than we should've, buggered around for longer than we should've and generally dragged our arses. Neither of us wanted to get out of bed at such a ridiculous time, her because she doesn't ride bikes (working on correcting that particular failing but a fix is gonna take a while) and me because it'd been a long week. After I'd made us both a decent cup of coffee ...
  4. Learner Ride to Taupo (Saturday 11 Feb 2012)

    TiiHiiHeee hihihi ...ON...let me count the ways my lil hummingbird..Newbi Newbi...come on Chica...facials hmmmm gurlz best friend, keeps the pores refreshed and hydrated. Amused Phreak...bit of relaxation after work to take the edge off. hehehe...
  5. Riding in OZ.

    Now living and riding a VStar in Western Oz, and about to embark on a 6000K epic ride from Sydney to Perth with 3 mates.
  6. Only 2 chances this year to improve your riding at every track you ride on any bike

    Quote Originally Posted by neil_cb125t View Post
    Us coaches haven't been told that, certainly hope not! so many things dictate when you can and can't book race tracks these days.
    Great your down for level 1 matey....... ill catch you there, you'll be amazed!
    Can this not be run at any other track? Taupo only books 6 months out and is a good track with various configurations... Suitably cheaper to hire too, and with good facilities in a central location.... just thinking out loud
  7. NOW stupid, not NWO

    More ramblings, heh...

    NOW is a "guide" for change. NOW is the New Ordered World. Suitably ironic?

    The current Government, and Governments past, have had access to every resource they require to "run" New Zealand and I believe that they do not get the maximum value from those resources in any way shape or form.

    In order to be financially competitive around the globe New Zealand must make the maximum use of all of its resources.

    To get ...
  8. Love/Hate Ducati ownership

    I've written about my love/hate relationship with the Ducati before, but it has reached epic proportions this time.

    Bike has 33,567kms on the clock.
    It is due a chain and sprockets, but thats not the kicker.
    It has had its starter rebuilt (yet only 32k when it was done? shit!) but I have been told that the high compression makes these motors harder on the starter to turn over.

    Now I love this bike to bits, even though I have tried selling it twice, I end ...