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  1. sinned's Avatar
    I missed this ride but got a short one in. It appears the Avon ST-Storms are hard to beat and I will be interested in your reports.

    Yes Sue Bradford is a pain; "Where's it all going to end??" - unless we get involved they get their way and then we suffer.
  2. homer's Avatar
    does anyone else have a good or bad opinion of these tyres
    i have to admit there really good on the dry and excellent grip just not good mileage.
  3. ambler's Avatar
    Indeed. But somehow the 'more traffic, more risk' is not quite adding up for me, at least for Auckland/Tokyo. The more I read these forums, the more I find it hard to believe that for the comparitively small riding population that NZ has, there are so many accidents! Cager awareness of bikes is better here, but I wonder if that is the only factor...?
  4. xwhatsit's Avatar
    That's a pretty trick helmet. I'm only a young guy, still at uni -- so looked into being a bike courier around Auckland. Kind of gave up on that idea after a couple guys I knew doing it had some nasty accidents, one of them again after he recovered.

    Seems the more time you spend riding in a heavy traffic urban environment (not that Auckland's got a patch on Tokyo, lol!) the higher the risk of getting squished.

    Would be fun, though.
  5. KoroJ's Avatar
    Cordura, 'Liners' in, screen up...ready for problem. (It wasn't really that bad in the end - 6 degrees and a bit of drizzle.)
  6. Aslan's Avatar
    KoroJ - I saw you heading out near the Melling lights as I travelled South in my car. I thought that can't be a biker in this weather. Sounds like you had a good ride though - obviously something to be said for a full dress touring bike - cheers Aslan
  7. KoroJ's Avatar
    You can get Roadside Assist with NAC or Star insurance.
  8. KoroJ's Avatar
    They've got the mini-choppers here...horrible, dangerous little things.
  9. KoroJ's Avatar
    Wow, that's commitment & cost. And we groan about the user pays system here.
  10. Aslan's Avatar
    Hi Koro J - great to read your blog and the positive tone about this community. Great to meet you in person at Rex and Lyn's - checked the pic of your ST - nice machine - cheers Aslan
  11. xwhatsit's Avatar
    Mmmm... I need new grips, want a shiny round headlight, indicators, rear shocks... speedo too...

    Lucky prick.
  12. KoroJ's Avatar
    Strange looking beast. I bet it corners like crap as well.
  13. Trudes's Avatar
    Good blog entry there, and you're right, it's amazing how when all the bitching and fighting is finished how Kiwibikers pull together as a 'family' when one of us needs a helping hand. Nice work.
  14. ambler's Avatar
    what a cool uncle!
  15. Toaster's Avatar
    Great read mate, Cheers.
  16. Toaster's Avatar
    Good on you two. Great plate for the car, and great for KB.
  17. Toaster's Avatar
    Interesting story Kittyhawk. Cheers.
  18. Panther's Avatar
    Good luck Sam!