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  1. 80-81 Suzuki GSX1100T-ET-EX wire wheel racing history. Does anyone actually know?

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    I believe there were 6 of the ET model and 20 of the following year's EX model.

    (Followed by 20 of the next year's SXZ Katana).
    from the often changeable ramblings of your friend coleman

    3) Your GSX1100 with frame number GS110X-100290. I assume the bike was
    previously owned by Dan in Christchurch. Whilst the frame number is low, I
    cannot confirm it as one of the 5 units GSX1100T produced for the 1980
    Castrol 6-Hour. The frame number
  2. 80-81 Suzuki GSX1100T-ET-EX wire wheel racing history. Does anyone actually know?

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    History...I was National Sales Manager for Matichs in the 70s...I appointed Colemans as the Pirelli/AGV distributors for NZ...Then I spent 79/80 running around in a Kombi with one Dave Hiscock and a GSX1100E while we won every production race in for the 6 Hour.......well today...reading all this stuff...I found in a shed..believe it or not..Number 274...Silver in colour...wire wheels..Black pipes..steel I guess I better buy it...then shuffle it down to Newcastle
  3. yamaha xv 400 1983

    Hi guys I am having problems finding parts for my re build of a yamaha xv 400 sp 1983 I need a full engine gasket kit does anyone know where I can buy this plz , cheers Julie
  4. My Honda CBR400RRn NC29 Project Bike - Clock and Fairing Stay Restore

    While I was busy working on stripping my fork down for the project CBR400RR NC29 I of course need to order parts and so during that downtime I was busy working on the clocks, lights and front fairing stay mounts and brackets for the bike. The brackets were in an abysmal state as you can see here:

    The front of the clocks look bad enough but the backs a total mess.
  5. My Honda CBR400RRn NC29 Project Bike Part1 - Fork Rebuild

    When I got my CBR400RR NC29 I knew I had a lot of work to do to make it presentable again in polite circles so i decided to get stuck right in and began stripping the old girls clothes off ready for a bit of much needed beauty therapy. I decided to start with her pins as its always good to see a pair of slim legs working well kitted up nicely and I had to do something. The no1 issue I had was that the garage I had my old girl stored in was more like damp leaky dungeon than a real workshop but its ...
  6. My Honda CBR400RRn NC29 Project Bike Part2 - Fork Rebuild

    And here they are with the new tubes and seals fitted, ready for fast and furious action, almost...

    I also managed to find and ordered a set of collars as the ones on the legs were in bad shape.

    I found that the old collars had been glued with some sort of epoxy onto the legs, ...
  7. My Honda CBR400RRn NC29 Project Bike - Introduction

    I went crazy in the head a few months back as its been so long since I had a ride that I simply had to buy a bike. I am a bit of a fan of old school 400s and 250cc two strokes and often troll trademe and other online spots to see whats for sale out of curiosity (I am one of those people that watch auctions and don't bid often haha). While I was hunting a month of so back I came across a Honda CBR400RRN NC29 and the first thing that entered my head was the fun I had riding one at the dealership years ...
  8. does more than just commute

    a fun little trip down through port waikato and around that area --- Waikato river had overtaken Murray road, was a nice little diversion on the way out


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