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  1. Living with Chronic Pain.

    For a while now I've wanted to create a journal as such for myself about my experience with chronic pain. If it helps others understand or someone who also suffers then that is great, but that's not why I'm posting this.

    For 13yrs now I've suffered from what is known as chronic pain. This is a result of a motorcycle accident in 1997 where I paralysed my left arm. The cause of this is known as a 'brachial plexus avulsion' injury. The brachial plexus is the group of nerves that ...
    Personal entry
  2. Car driving skills don't convert to motorcycle road riding skills

    You often hear new riders who are experienced car drivers complaining that they have to go through the full licence process to get a motorcycle licence. Their primary argument is that their years of car driving experience transfers across to riding a motorcycle, so they should be able to get to a full licence in a shorter period of time.

    My personal opinion is that riding a motorcycle requires a different set of skills to driving a car, and that the dangers experienced riding a motorcycle ...
  3. TT2000 on a GN250 - Saturday - Day 1 of TT2000

    Saturday – Day 1 of TT2000

    Beep, beep, beep – 4:30 and the alarm was going. It didn't take long for the Gremlin and I to get packed up and jump on the bike this time. We were both excited about the two days ahead. Went to the Gas station and Mr. Gremlin proceeded to fill up his fuel tanker while I was busy lubricating the chain on the GN. There were already a bunch of TT riders at the gassy and I could see that the GN had already sparked interest amongst some of them and was seeing ...
  4. Blue Knights ride.

    The New Zealand Blue Knights are the newest chapter of a worldwide organisation that has over 635 chapters in 29 countries and 20,000+ members. Since the founding of the Blue Knights, in the USA in 1974, they have made donations of time, money, and gifts exceeding USD$16.5 million.

    The NZ chapter recently held a ride around the central North Island to celebrate the founding of the chapter, and as a way for members to get to know each other. Four members gathered in Palmerston North ...
  5. Waikato scooter rides?

    Took a couple of hours yesterday afternoon to have a quiet ride around a few of the side roads on the Te Pahu side on Mt Pirongia. First pic is from Bell road looking towards Mt Pirongia. As I said in an earlier post, sometimes photos just dont bring out the sharp crisp colours of Autumn. Click image for larger version. 

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    The roads were all in good order and ideal for leisurely riding. The lookout at the forest park end of Greys road is now getting overgrown and although I tried for ...
  6. 2013 c1kc

    Another bloody marvelous day.....Bloody Marvelous!!

    Prep for this year's C1KC started straight after last year's one, when, although I had a couple of potential routes, I was doodling on MapSource (as you do) to see just how far we could get from Wellington, ...without doing an out and return, ...and still be a reasonably interesting route to ride. I was hoping to touch Tauranga but had to settle for Rotorua-Putaruru, so I ran the options past my old Wgtn Uly Ride Committee buddies, ...

    Updated 14th November 2013 at 07:46 by KoroJ (Add vids)

    Touring NZ , General Bike Ravings , Personal entry
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  7. Kawhia to Raglan.

    Kawhia to Raglan.

    I had been thinking about a ride a bit more challenging than the usual roads. The coastal roads from Kawhia to Raglan were roads that I had not travelled at all. Riding them on a scooter would be an interesting angle.

    So this morning Buggsy and I fueled up, him with gas, me with food and drink. Out past Pirongia we took a right at the Ngutunui school and climbed up Pekanui road. Since my last blast up this road, there have been a number of corners ...
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  8. Senior Kiwi in Central America part 4

    El Cuco to Leon

    I left El Cuco before the bands got tuned up for the day. It is just over 100km to the Honduras border and having heard horrific tales of the difficulty of crossing the border due to the rapaciousness of the border touts, I wanted to arrive fresh , hydrated and with the right sense of bemusement.

    I needn’t have worried. The little Suzuki flew under the helper’s radar. I could see them poised at the side of the road to the border, sun glinting from ...
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