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    ESE's works engine tuner

    Thread Starter: TZ350

    . This is Thomas a Vietnamese race mechanic, you know that place where they have all those hot 50's and 125's are big bikes. Thomas, ESE's Race Team's Tuner is fettling number 9. adjusting the port timing for Taupo. Its hard to see but he has taped a degree wheel to the magneto flywheel...

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    Optimistic sellers

    Thread Starter: Rcktfsh

    This trader must be pretty hard to outdo as far as optimism goes. Bike has been on the market for a year now, wonder when the penny will drop he''s dreaming at that price. You'd have thought after a year he might have got round to the little bit of tlc required to get running. ...

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    Yow Ling

    The Bucket Foundry

    Thread Starter: Yow Ling

    The foundry or metal casting stuff thats been going on the the ESE thread really inspired me to get on with having a go at this stuff. If you can cast metal theres really not much you cant do. I dont think its going to be easy, most of it has been a bit of 2 steps forward 1 step back so far. Im...

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    Speeduino 2T EFI Project

    Thread Starter: TZ350

    Moving on from Ecotrons, and Ecotrons is past history now I am moving forward with a Speeduino for my 2T two stroke EFI project. https://speeduino.com/wiki/index.php/Speeduino The mission is to find a way of taking a MAP value from the varying pressures in my two stroke crankcase so I can use...

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    Summer running - 2000 Ducati ST2

    Thread Starter: OddDuck

    I've gone ahead and bought my second Ducati. Summertime. Time to ride again, getting a bike for the season while the 900SS is laid up with major engine rebuild work. It can be a bit of a saga, the fun and games involved in attempting to secure a reasonably reliable ride in the sub-$7K...

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    BMW 9Cento (concept) Build it please!

    Thread Starter: MD

    I like this. Will it make the production line? I hope. Coming from an early adopter of the F800S when it came out I would be tempted by this. The F800 lacked power for me, maybe another 100c will be enough to enjoy. Unlike most concepts that are usually all style and won't work in the real...

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    GPS Tracker

    Thread Starter: jim.cox

    I 'lost' one of my DR-Z250's to thieves late last year. And unfortunately it was not insured. So I have decided to fit a gps tracker to the other. It's cheap insurance and if this one gets flogged I'll know where to find it. The purpose of this thread is to detail my experience and...

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    Welcome back to me - first bike problem :)

    Thread Starter: crashalots

    Hi all - old member here. Just bought another bike after about 11 years with no road bike :eek: I'm an engineer so I do enjoy the maintenance slightly more than the riding... so I've picked up a clapped out GSX400E to convert to a cafe style. My question is generic about engine...

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    Help with Ducati diagnosis please.....

    Thread Starter: neels

    The dirty old ST2 is being a pig, and I'm out of ideas. Won't start or idle without the choke (well, idle adjust) almost completely on, usually it will idle happily with it completely off unless it's really cold. The thing revs ok, but when being ridden when the throttle is opened it coughs...

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    Gold Course Tomorrow

    Thread Starter: rastuscat

    I venture to call myself competent. But I figure theres always something I can learn. So a Ride Forever Gold course tomorrow it is for me. I'll post up my impressions.

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