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    Please report the cock smoking spammers. Ta.
  2. Mental Trousers's Avatar
    Please report the cock smoking spammers. Ta.
  3. Mental Trousers's Avatar
    Please report the cock smoking spammers. Ta.
  4. Mental Trousers's Avatar
    Report posts that are from spamming wankers mate.
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    Report posts like that one mate. The Moderators will then nail the spamming bastards and your blog will no longer be blighted by shit.

    Enjoying your build btw. Lots more detail on all of the posts would've been fantastic but it's still a fun and interesting project to follow.
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    EEeerrrmmmm, WHAT?
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    That was fast!
    Nice job too, looks like it was supposed to be that way.
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    Try your library, in Christchurch there's tons of them at the Central library, or failing that go on-line. The guy I bought my bike off gave me the manual on a pen drive. Also try your Honda dealer for the owners manual.
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    oh and by the way it was sun stroke that got me not the booze
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    WTF aye what, Gas from a XR600
    must say she was sounding pretty sweet will be good to hear her opened up on the track. Job well done
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    Sounds like you are going to have an amazing time. Enjoy and ride safe
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    The person to talk to is F5Dave. He's the guru.

    I had a short chamber on an RD50 bucket racer I had back in careful with the dimensions as they can be too peaky and hard to ride.

    Good luck
  14. CUTE4U's Avatar
    Fab article , very informative and a great read. Excellent points on knowing what is the right Helmet to suit your riding.
  15. born disturbed's Avatar
    Great write up I will use this tool to help me install my hot grips (not Oxford but a good brand anyway)
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    Hmm 32psi is probably a bit low - have a look on the tyre sidewalls for recommended pressures but I ran 36F/42R on my 250 Hornet and the same now on the VFR, so that's probably a good start point. You'll definitely notice the difference. I find the bike feels totally different (in a bad way) once they drop more than about 5psi, so yeah, 29 on the rear it would have been squirming a bit. Have a good rest of the trip!

    Edit: just noticed the date you'll be back by now. Hope it was fun!
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    Nice positiivity!
  18. R-Soul's Avatar
    Ok so which bikes do chicks drool over? I want one like that...
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    I want what you are smoking!!
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    Hey PegLeg, that was a really well written Blog, enjoyed reading that very much !
    Question is, how many coffee's did you get through while writing it ? hahaha