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  1. Stolen - 1 jacket lining
  2. 1894 Hildebrand to fetch “up to £60,000”
  3. Triumph reports increased sales
  4. Fatalities in Texas increase, following helmet law repeal
  5. Kim Newcombe Doco
  6. Dianese moves production to Africa
  7. Truly dumb criminal steals motorbike… from a police station!
  8. Harley-Davidson posts first loss since 1993
  9. Rego in AUS.
  10. Thailand launches ethanol motorcycle trials
  11. Hero Honda continues to buck trends, reporting 79% increase in income
  12. University study suggests vibrations through helmets may affect hearing
  13. Biker loses six teeth to ‘exploding cigarette’
  14. Theft from Motorcycling Great Grandmother
  15. Speeding motorcylist faces drugs charges.
  16. 2010 London Motorcycle Show(s) reviewed
  17. Biker’s spine repaired by balloon
  18. Hyo top seller in Aus
  19. Harley-Davidson donates bikes to Haiti relief effort
  20. Yamaha to close factories; cut 1,000 jobs
  21. WARNING scam targeting bike sellers
  22. ‘Superskin’ to make helmets safer
  23. Video gamers ‘more scary than biker gangs’ says Attorney General
  24. First pics from PAEROA
  25. Helmet wearing to be made religious issue say Indonesian Clerics
  26. ‘Jetpatcher’ solution to pothole menace
  27. Honda 3R-C concept World Debut at Geneva International Motor Show 2010.
  28. US stuntman breaks Harley jump record
  29. Driver who left biker paralysed given suspended sentence
  30. Coroner calls future of Irish road racing into question
  31. French protest about potential filtering law change
  32. Harley share prices leap as takeover rumours abound
  33. Wooton Bassett tribute run: huge success as 10,000 bikes attend
  34. Motorcycle instructor “So drunk she fell off bike three times”
  35. Cambodian mob beats bike thieves to death with bamboo
  36. New website for the MFSC!
  37. ACEM releases booklet to help choose protective clothing
  38. US study shows ABS ‘reduces accidents by 37%’
  39. New Harley CEO was golfer who didn't ride bikes.....
  40. Bike Show Virgin - a new bikers first experience of a bike show
  41. Motorcycle lanes ‘can reduce fatalities by up to 90%’
  42. Harley Davidson earnings fall on sluggish sales
  43. A tent for your motorbike!
  44. GPS speed cameras tested
  45. Reevu helmet goes into production
  46. KIWIRIDER News Blog
  47. International Female Ride Day 2010
  48. Robbie Kneivel to attempt Canyon leap
  49. Top 10 distractions for motorcyclists, say Swinton
  50. Bajaj – big claim, dodgy math
  51. BMW recalls up to 122,000 bikes
  52. Peace brakes out in Germany
  53. Donington rescue deal in the offing
  54. SHARP rates another 27 helmets; total now 202
  55. Chinese man sells 4-month-old son, buys bike
  56. Ghana women allowed to ride motorcycles
  57. Boxes, black.
  58. VFR1200 recalled by Honda
  59. Man busted by speed camera gets unique revenge on police department
  60. Naked man who abused NW200 spectators fined
  61. Instructor who stalls bike and “yawns repeatedly” scares student
  62. 2010 MotoCzysz - out of the closet
  63. Grays Road 60km/h
  64. Biker throws puppy at Hells Angels. Escapes on bulldozer
  65. Chris Birch wins 2010 Red Bull Romaniacs!
  66. Fantastic footage of a really smooth rider hustling a Goldwing through the twisties
  67. Motorbikes could “run on air” says Indian researcher
  68. Wellington - Accident - Friday 2/7 - Police want to contact
  69. MFSC called well organised by police & praised
  70. Biker killed by BBQ fumes
  71. Bikers phone gives him away after road-rage incident
  72. ‘Sons of Anarchy’ comes to Belfast
  73. NZ biker who loses legs gets "Bionic" replacement
  74. Harley recovery under way?: Q2 results encouraging
  75. How was dead deer involved with shooting of biker?
  76. Nail-painting driver kills biker gets 18 months of nights in jail - free during day
  77. Donington re-opens
  78. UK Call for compulsory helmet wear for quad bike riders
  79. Indian markets see huge increases
  80. Harley ends sidecar production
  81. Harley to leave Milwaukee?
  82. What did you get up to on your birthday?
  83. Harley sells MV Agusta
  84. Adelaide motorists hit 180kph to see ghost of motorcyclist
  85. Officer who stops biker for no helmet finds… no trousers or pants!
  86. Norton sets world land speed record
  87. Winston Churchill’s motorbike dispatch rider honoured
  88. Harley-Davidson to remain in Wisconsin
  89. Japanese biker gifted a bike by Hungarian bikers, after his one was stolen
  90. USA: 'Drunk' Cop ploughs into 4 motorcyclists
  91. Artist creates “Sharpie Ducati”
  92. Double hayabusa sets new motorcycle speed record at 580kph
  93. EU to propose mandatory ABS/dateline to reduce emissions
  94. California passes new law; exhausts must pass federal noise limits
  95. Rebels Without a Hog: Inside Brooklyn’s Moped Gang
  96. “Tron” leathers now available
  97. Honda to launch US$600 bike
  98. Biker to undertake 300 mile “hands free” ride
  99. Harley recovery continues/Bajaj makes record profit on exports
  100. EU rejects ABS “off switch” proposal
  101. Britten DVD
  102. Pope gets motorcycle escort
  103. Motorcycle market in Europe contracts by 33% over three year period
  104. BMW to enter Indian market/Honda to launch CBR250R
  105. Hells Angels go to war… with fashion designer
  106. Actor playing biker assassin killed by security guard
  107. Bike listing app launched for iPad
  108. Top 10 songs for bikers... according to The Guardian
  109. World record set for motorcycle sale
  110. New world record for people on a bike set by Indian airmen
  111. Motorcycle simulator suggests training makes safer riders
  112. Donington secures WSB, BSB deals
  113. Electric superbike to compete against petrol bikes
  114. Sign of the times - Harley-Davidson SuperLow and Iron 883 to be produced in India.
  115. Paramedic-safe helmet designed in the UK
  116. Hero buys Honda’s US$1.9 billion stake
  117. EU calls for mandatory ABS
  118. French company designs biker jeans based on space materials
  119. US police force introduces electric motorcycle as “stealth” tool
  120. Terblanche joins Norton
  121. Triumph selling “more bikes over 500cc than any other manufacturer” in UK
  122. Sperm by motorbike? NHS forced to consider collections from home
  123. Long Way Round/Long Way Down: the next leg!
  124. Bikes ‘to be fitted with safe driving aides’
  125. 2011 London Motorcycle Show review
  126. TRAVEL ALERT: North Otago: Kurow bridges now open (18 February)
  127. Vincent with almost 3/4 of a million miles on clock goes to auction
  128. Motorcycle helmets 'cut risk of spine injuries after collisions'
  129. Morini up for auction
  130. Motorcycles to be allowed to jump red lights in Kansas... as sensors fail to react
  131. Yamaha to open new motorcycle factory in Indonesia
  132. Guy Martin to star in own BBC series
  133. US Sculptor plans “World’s Largest Motorcycle”
  134. GPSO 'Biker Down' sensor wins Indy Expo Grand Prize
  135. Motorcycle crash cards rolled out to Humberside bikers
  136. Erik Buell Racing EBR 1190RS - First Look - New Street Legal Sports Bike
  137. Burgman fuel-cell scooter gets "Whole vehicle type approval" by EU
  138. Che Guevara’s “Motorcycle Diaries” companion dies aged 88
  139. Postal worker loses hair in acid “helmet joke”
  140. KTM on new Austrian postage stamp
  141. Harley turned down… by own museum!
  142. Guzzi celebrates 90th birthday
  143. Planning a trip to the US? Check out the AMA’s top 15 US biking roads
  144. LED glove “could save bikers' lives”
  145. Polaris (Victory) buys Indian
  146. Heads up - Cycling Event Clevedon/Hunuas/Kaiawa/Kawakawa Bay - 1 May 2011
  147. SHARP closes in on 250th helmet rating
  148. US art studio creates art from used bike parts
  149. BMW rolls two millionth motorcycle off Berlin production line
  150. Biking vicar sets "world's fastest hearse" record!
  151. Canada tests 'noise radar'
  152. Eddie Kidd completes his greatest stunt
  153. French bikers block the street en masse
  154. I wanna be like Reg Scott.
  155. Who commutes from the Hutt to Welly and back each day during peak hour?
  156. Suzuki looks to move R&D inland to avoid tsunamis
  157. English police to use 3D scanners to record crash scenes to speed closure times
  158. Bike stopped on side of northwestern SH16 heading west??
  159. World's fastest motorcycle reached 500 kmh
  160. UK: Suzuki issue safety recall on GSX650F
  161. TT World Series?
  162. Own your own town, an hours ride from Sturgis.
  163. Man with “motorbike fetish” avoids prison
  164. Kawasaki issue ZX-10R recall
  165. World's longest motorbike a 25 seater!
  166. Scrap metal motorcycle designed to look like 'Alien'
  167. Yamaha out of World Superbikes
  168. BSB introduces performance restrictions from 2012 season
  169. New Kawasaki ZZ-R1400
  170. Claudio Castiglioni, dies aged 64
  171. Blind fundraiser rides motorbike round speedway track
  172. Putin launches re-election campaign on a Harley!
  173. MotoGP/WSBK series now owned by same company
  174. New bike shop in Auckland
  175. Pit Lane Motorcycles Canterbury
  176. "Invisible" motorcycle created
  177. Suzuki/VW relationship turns sour
  178. "If 10% of drivers switch to bikes, congestion will reduce by 40%" claims study
  179. Honda develops “most fuel-efficient” engine
  180. 40,000 UK bikers take part in anti-biking legislation “Go Slow” protest ride
  181. Vietnamese biker fined for steering bike with BUTTOCKS!
  182. Rolling Thunder "Win a Harley" Competition
  183. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! The Fonz’s motorcycle goes up for auction
  184. Metropolitan Police introduces electric motorcycle as global sales expected to take o
  185. Speeding biker booked, despite falling off bike before the camera!
  186. If you win Lotto tonight, go to Webbs Auctions
  187. Patriots impostor
  188. Harley Davidson announces massive recall
  189. 1894 steam motorcycle set for world record price
  190. Kiwis Sarah Davidson and Christopher Bishop killed in Nepal
  191. Zero Motorcycles introduces models with 100 mile ‘tank’ range
  192. MV Agusta returns to IoM TT
  193. Texting driver who killed biker jailed
  194. Triumph sales success continues
  195. Record-busting motorbike will be jet engine on wheels
  196. Motorcyclist's body found (Paekakariki Hill Road, 10 Jan 2012)
  197. French bikers forced to wear hi-viz clothing from 2013
  198. BMW sets bike sales record
  199. ABS version of GSR750 introduced
  200. Ok NZTA - now its beyond a Joke ....
  201. Dave Anderson Suzuki in liquidation
  202. Honda International Grand Prix, Woodville MX Photos
  203. MEPs back call for "Biker Friendly" crash barriers
  204. Billy Connolly Route 66 TV1, 2 Feb 8.30pm
  205. 2012 London Motorcycle Show review
  206. 13 part TV series "Talking Motorbikes"
  207. Motorbike thieves lose own motorbike!
  208. Research concludes motorcycle commuting reduces congestion and emissions
  209. Ducati owners looking to sell?
  210. New Suzuki fuel system patent.
  211. Chinese motorcycles, give me your view
  212. Hero joins list of Ducati suitors
  213. Jorge Lorenzo now allowed to ride MOPEDS on the road!
  214. BRT is back on TV.
  215. Rossi and Stoner’s Ducatis go to auction
  216. Sightless biker to attempt 170mph speed record
  217. World motorcycle hearse speed record broken
  218. France makes carrying a breathalyser kit compulsory
  219. Graffiti artist changes road signs to "Stunt signs"
  220. Planning production of electric scooter range
  221. Michigan State helmet law repealed
  222. Rossi/Ducati rift denied
  223. VW-Audi set to buy Ducati for EUR 860 million
  224. Audi confirms purchase of Ducati
  225. Buell to assist India’s Hero to develop a new motorcycle
  226. Bieber buys bike: shame about the (lack of) licence
  227. Naked pillion pulled over for not wearing a helmet, but gets away with nudity!
  228. Harley-Davidson reports strong gains in 1st Quarter
  229. 'Old Bill' to break motorcycle auction record
  230. “Hells Angel” insignia can be banned during trials, German court rules
  231. Biker-friendly guardrail demonstrated in EU Parliament
  232. Big Brother is watching you! Speed recorders
  233. Harley Davidson motorcycle from Japan washes up on Canadian shore
  234. Neptune Motorcycle Mufflers sold!
  235. Harley that floated from Japan to Canada to be homed in Harley Museum
  236. Mobile communications test kit moved to motorbike
  237. Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 launch with Motorad Wellington
  238. Second go at a bike called a C-1?
  239. Apartment block for bikers
  240. NEW Triumph Trophy for 2013
  241. Man trapped in desert converted "CV into motorbike!
  242. US researchers create ‘smart’ headlights that shine “around” rain
  243. Racer suffers from premature celebration!
  244. Nurbergring future in doubt
  245. The Devil's Ride?
  246. Ducati to celebrate 40th anniversary of Imola 200 victory
  247. This would change the game wrt ACC levies
  248. Stoner launches into MotoGP rival Rossi
  249. Learner approved Ducati Monster 659
  250. Stoner's MotoGP bike on Kiwi visit